What This Fan Saw From The Bleachers In Oakland On MNF

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IISeptember 15, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Louis Murphy #18 of the Oakland Raiders runs the ball into the endzone for a 57-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter against the San Diego Chargers on September 14, 2009 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

 Monday Night Football was once dominated by the Oakland Raiders and as millions saw last night, the Raiders still need work.

  As I walked into the stadium last night I felt the new blood in Oakland. The fans were hyped for what the Raiders finally needed to achieve and that was defeating the SD Chargers after 8 years of opening loses to them.

  By games end, the fans were at the same place they were last year. Disappointed by a lacking team. So lets see what those weaknesses were.

  The first and most obvious is Darrius Bey. Bey dropped balls when the Raiders needed him to step up. The WR that sttod out however was Louis Murphy. Murphy scored the final TD of the game and beleive me the fans were close to believing that we could actually win this one. I honestly feel Bey is not worth being a Raider. Lets give Marvin Harrison his money because Bey is useless at  this point. Schilens hopefully returns and with him and Murphy we have a better shot. As a Raider fan I am disappointed at Beys perfomance last nite.

  The second problem was the special teams. yes they had their moments after kickoffs when they held Sd back at the 10 yd line. But for most of the night, they could not stop Darrien Sproles. It was this weakness that actually cost Oakland the game last nite. With 2 min left SD marched down the field and scored a blow to the Raidernation.

  I sat there and thought of how Mike Singletary literally walked onto the field to pump  up his defense and it worked. Where was Cable? I mean really. At the very start of the game we ran it down their throats and in the end JaMarcus throws an interception to a well covered WR.  What happened to the run? Where was Bush or Fargas even. The Raiders were in the redzone and Jamarcus made a poor choice and decided to give SD a chance.

 Lastly, and I hate to say this but JaMarcus looked horrible. If you notice, he does not look at the recievers he has on the field. Rather he keeps his eyes focused on his primary reciever. Russell has had more than enough time to QB. He threw two interceptions that were totally uncalled for.

 Okay how bout some pluses. Richard Seymour had two sacks! Ellis had a sack! Chris Johnson and Nnamndi are simply awesome and the defensive line did a great job last night. Sadly it was the defensive line that was on the field most of the time. The offense looks like crap when it passes, but when they run Mcfadden ( what a great job he did last nite!!!) or Bush ( powerhouse) the Raiders were splendid.

  I hope we can defeat the Chiefs next week and I am hoping we merely run it at them. this is how the Raiders will win games. Bey is not the answer. JaMarcus may be on his last leg. I really hope he gets his act together or its gonna be a long season with misery for a once proud organization.