Start'em, Sit'em: The Fantasy Skinny on 46 Players

Dustin RoederCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

PITTSBURGH - SEPTEMBER 10:  Santonio Holmes #10 of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates his second quarter touchdown against the Tennessee Titans during the game at Heinz Field on September 10, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Many Fantasy Football experts would have told you to sit Santonio Holmes last week. I said not to, based upon on statistics. Last year, even without Albert Haynesworth, the Titans held the Steelers to 73 net yards on 25 rushes. It sounds bad, but doesn't tell the whole story.

Mewelde Moore had three carries for 28 yards and Big Ben Scrambled for another 14 on three attempts. Bottom line, Pittsburgh could not run the ball. So, I was telling my friends, "Start Holmes, they gotta throw to have a chance." And throw they did. So, with out further ado...


Andre Johnson - I'll call this the Santonio Holmes theory. Start the best wide receiver on the team playing the Titans. They aren't going to have a chance running the ball.

Chester Taylor - I see no reason why AP has more than 15 carries, unless Childress is trying to kill him. Taylor should see a lot of work against Detroit.

Louis Murphy - Scored against the Chargers and had another negated due to a penalty. The KC secondary looks weak.

Zach Miller - see Murphy, Louis...minus the scores.

Ochocinco - If the Bears couldn't run against the Pack, the Bengals sure won't. Someone has to catch some passes here.

Pick a Packer, any Packer - The Bengals' defense looked better, but against Kyle Orton? I'd give the Pack 21 points just to bench Rodgers if I was Marvin Lewis.

Packers Defense - In case you thought I was just talking offense, I wasn't. The Bengals made Denver's D resemble Pittsburgh's. But I bet they're not.

Chris Cooley and all of your Redskins - Hasselbeck looked like Drew Brees. So maybe Campbell looks like Manning? Okay, maybe not, but he should be a top-six QB this week.

Dustin Keller - Sanchez has to throw to someone besides Cotchery. New England shut down Owens. They will shut down Cotchery, too.

Michael Turner - He's going to get his touches, and the Panthers' run D is weak.

Falcons D - You could see a repeat of the Eagles last week. They played the Dolphins real tough last week.

Michael Clayton - 90 yards last week, and now that he's playing the Buffalo D that gave up 10+ catches to both Moss and Welker, expect eight catches for 75 yards and a TD.

Lee Evans, T.O., and Shawn Nelson - TB's secondary couldn't tackle my mom in the open field last week. I don't think it's an aberration.

Matt Hasselbeck - He's going to throw A LOT against the Niners. I won't be surprised if he throws 40 times for 300 yards. Seahawks O-line's not running against these Niners.

John Carlson - If Hasselbeck throws 40 times, there's a bunch of balls coming his way.

Phillip Rivers- If the Brodie Croyle can throw all over the Ravens, what will the probowl QB do?

Vincent Jackson - If Bowe, as the only option, can have a decent game, then what will Jackson do? My bet 100+ yards with a score.

Ben Roethlisberger - He'll have another good game with a few TDs.

Mike Wallace - If Jennings can get behind Vasher so easily, Wallace might be able to do it every play.

Jason Witten - Dallas will move the ball slowly and methodically. This suits Witten. I'll give him seven catches for 105 yards and a score.

Eli Manning - He's going to spread it around in a secondary that made Leftwich look like a bona fide NFL starter.

Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne - It's Manning, and Gonzalez is out at least two weeks. Wayne should be a top WR most weeks.

Ginn, Bess, and Camarillo - In a shoot out, you want the WRs. Pennington's not a bad play either, but I'm afraid the leash is short. Henne looked good in the preseason.


Steve Slaton - I want no part of a running back playing Tennessee. Neither should you. But you didn't spend a high pick to sit him, did you? I'll give him 25 yards rushing with 50 yards receiving and no TDs. Hopefully you have a better option.

Brett Favre - Unless 9/12 for 100 yards and a score appeals to you.

Viking Wide Receivers and Tight Ends - They aren't going to throw much against Detroit. Not sure you want to guess which one gets the TD. If I had to put money on it, I'd take Sidney Rice or Shiancoe.

Carson Palmer - You got to show me something.

Steven Jackson - Washington played Giants running backs tough. Jackson needs to sit.

Jerricho Cotchery - NE took out T.O. They will take out Cotchery, too.

Carolina D - Can't stop the run, can't stop the pass. And now you've got a well-balanced offense on the other side. OUCH.

Frank Gore - Seattle held Steven Jackson's rams to 77 yards rushing last week. The 'Hawks linebackers are as good as last year and the D-line is bigger, stronger, and faster, too.

Darren Sproles - The Chiefs couldn't run against the Ravens, but the Charges will try. L.T. is already banged up, but I'm going to pass here.

Chicago everything - Pittsburgh D is in town. 2009 Cutler doesn't have any wideouts who fight like Marshall. Game over.

Roy Williams and the rest of your Dallas WRs - There aren't going to be any long TD passes this week against the Giants.


If your player isn't listed in either category, I wouldn't necessarily start them, but I wouldn't sit them either. It depends on your roster.


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