Breakdown of The Colts' 14-12 Victory Over The Jacksonville Jaguars

Krishna DhaniCorrespondent INovember 6, 2016

The Indianapolis Colts beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 14-12.

The Colts got one passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. It was when Peyton Manning threw the ball to Reggie Wayne, as he ran as fast as he could. Then he scored. Now Joseph Addai went running through the big defense of the Jaguars and busted through and ran as fast as he could with the defense right behind him.

They also made the field goals for the touchdown.

Reggie Wayne made ten catches for 162 yards, all with one amazing 35 yard touchdown.

The Jaguars who unfortunately lost made a two good field goals that got them somewhere instead of no where. And then Maurice Jones-Drew cam in action and made a touchdown leading them to 12 points. As they tried to make the two point conversion they failed when they could have tied.

If the Jaguars did make the conversion they could have went to overtime where if they were good enough beat the Colts. But that didn't happen.

Here is the breakdown of the game:

Colts Passing

The Colts succeeded with Peyton Manning throwing 301 yards, one TD, and one interception which doesn't matter.

Colts Rushing

Then there is Addai with seven-teen carries forty-two yards total, one TD and a 13 yard longest run. That is pretty good. But don't forget about the rookie Donald Brown. He got eleven carries, thirty-three yards, no touchdown, but twelve yards was his longest run.

Colts Receiving

Reggie Wayne did pretty good this time, he got ten receptions, 162 yards the whole game, one thirty-five yard touchdown, and his longest run was thirty-nine yards. Sadly Dallas Clark didn't do as well because he didn't passed to as much as Reggie Wayne did. He got four receptions thirty-nine yards the whole game, no touchdowns, and his longest run was twenty-one yards.

Jaguars Passing

The Jaguars got 122 yards in passing. No touchdowns and interceptions. That is OK.

Jaguars Rushing

Maurice Jones-Drew got twenty-one carries, ninety-seven yards the whole game, one touchdown, and the longest run was twenty-six yards. Garrard got four carries, four-teen yards the whole game, no touchdowns, and seven yards is his longest run.

Jaguars Receiving

Holt got three receptions, forty-seven yards the whole game, no touchdowns, and his longest run was twenty-six yards. Maurice Jones-Drew had five receptions, twenty-six yards the whole game, no touchdowns, and hi longest run was thirteen yards.