Redskins Face Instabilty At The QB Position.

Fahim CarimContributor ISeptember 13, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 11:  Patrick Ramsey #11 of the Washington Redskins runs on the field during the game with the Chicago Bears on September 11, 2005 at Fed Ex Field in Landover, Maryland.  The Redskins won 9-7. (Photo By Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

People talk about Dan Snyder going through coaches at a spectacular rate. But he goes through QB's the same way.

If we look at the Redskins QB history under Dan Snyder, nothing about the attempts to get rid of Campbell who had come off a solid but not spectacular season, was a surprise. They have had multiple QB changes and the slightest failing can get a QB sent packing.

May 1999: Dan Snyder bought the Redskins. They were just coming off a 6-10 season. He kept coach Norv Turner, but refused to give Trent Green, who had just had a 54 pass completion rate, 3441 yard, 23 td, and 11 int, the salary he wanted.

Instead, Brad Johnson was brought in, and he had a great season posting a 60 pass completion percentage, 4001 yards, 24 td's, and 13 int season leading them to a 10-6 record.

2000: The team was not as dominant, but still had a winning record when Norv Turner was fired in the middle of a playoff run. Brad Johnson was not as effective and Jeff George started some games. The shaken team stumbled finishing 8-8. Brad Johnson was then shipped to Tampa where he lead them to a Superbowl.

2001: Snyder signed Marty Schottenheimer as coach, and Jeff George, who had played well at the end of the year, was named as the starter.

He struggled with the new offense and after 2 games, QB Tony Banks was named starter. He hit for a 53 completion percentage, 2386 yds, 10 td's, 10 int's and the team was able to finish 8-8, despite starting the year with five straight losses.

Marty was asked to clean his desk out and Banks, who posted an 8-6 record, was not asked back. Marty ended up in San Diego which he transformed into a powerhouse, and was then fired with a winning record and the coach who replaced him, Norv Turner, was the coach he replaced before.

2002: Steve Spurrier was hired and drafted Patrick Ramsey to be QB of the future. Unfortunately, they ended up with a QB committee.

The statistical winner was Shane Matthews with 52 percent of passes completed, 1251 yd's, 11td's and 6 int's. Ramsey finished with 51 percent of passes completed, 1539 yd's, 9td's and 8 int's. Former Univ. of Florida standout, Danny Wuerffel, finished with 63 percent of passes completed, 3 td's and 6 int's. However, the most successful QB Matthews, was asked to leave to make way for Ramsey.

2003: With Ramsey at the helm, he showed flashes of brilliance with 53 percent of passes completed, 2166 yd's, 14 td's, and 9 int's in 11 games. They finished 5-11 and  Steve Spurrier was quickly fired and fled back to college football. Backup Tim Hasselbeck was not brought back.

2004: Dan Snyder lured Joe Gibbs out of retirement with a duffel bag full of cash. The first act was to bench talented 3rd year man Ramsey and Jags castoff Mark Brunell was named starter but after posting pedestrian numbers 49% 1194yd 7TD-6INT he was shown to the bench. When Ramsey came in he did well 62% 1665 10TD 11INT but couldn't salvage the season and the team limped home at 6-10.

2005: The Redskins drafted QB Jason Campbell, and Brunell is declared starter and Ramsey returns to the bench although he had outplayed Brunell.  Brunell had a good season posting 57% 3050yd 23td 10int But Ramsey in one start shows he has it 60% 279 yds a td and a pick in the one game with only one start and team finished 10-6.

2006: Gibbs names Campbell QB of future, cut Ramsey, and said Mark Brunell will start until Campbell is ready.

Halfway through the season, Mark Brunell, was not winning despite putting up good numbers (62 percent of passes completed, 1789 yd's, 8 td's, 4 int's). The Jason Campbell era began as he displayed his talent completed 53 percent of his passes,  10 td's, 6 int's, but he couldn't win either and the team stumbled to a 5-11 finish. Of course, Brunell gets dropped from the team.

2007: Jason Campbell was named the starter, but despite a strong running game and some improvement, he was in the midst of a losing season. He gets injured 13 games in, and Todd Collins came in for relief and clearly out plays him (64 percent of passes completed, 888 yd's, 5 td's, 0 int's) in three games. The Redskins finish 9-7 and make the playoffs.

2008: Gibbs retired and Jim Zorn was hired despite objections of some players on the team who wanted the defensive coordinator. Collins is not named starter, rather, the man he out played, Jason Campbell, responds with a great first half of the season with a 6-2 start.

But as the season went on, Campbell faltered, and finished 2-6 to finish the year 8-8. Campbell's numbers were good (3245 yds, 62 percent of passes completed, 13 td's, 6 int's), but not good enough for a playoff berth.

2009: Every attempt is made to cut, trade or bench starting QB Jason Campbell for superstar Jay Cutler, super Rookie Mark Sanchez, or media darling Colt Brennan. Nothing ever materialized.

In conclusion, in 10 years, nearly a dozen QB's with solid stats or winning records were cut, benched, traded or let go. This has caused the Redskins record to vary wildly and kept the team from building on any success.

When Campbell's skills, stats or record is looked at, its not half bad and he seems a legit NFL starter. But Dan has axed many other QBs after investing alot of time, money and effort on them, so why is Campbell surprised this happened to him?

We should give Zorn credit for seeing the pattern with Washington and wisely ending any QB controversy by naming Campbell the starter. He placed Colt Brennan on IR, cut Chase Daniels, and kept talented 35 year old Todd Collins who is no threat to Campbell as a backup. He is probably putting his career on the line with that move. The Redskins will sink or swim with Campbell.

When I see Campbell play with all of his physical talent and the great coaching he's getting, its hard for me to imagine him not being great.

Most young QB's are ruined because they are thrown to the wolves too soon and let to learn on the job, or think they already know everything. A few did it- Big Ben, Brady, Marino and Manning; but for every one of them, there is a Ryan Leaf or Todd Blacklege who never made it.

Campbell is probably the real winner in this controversy because he realizes he has to be absolutely great, not solid or fickle. If not, big spash loving Dan Snyder, will drop him like a hot rock.


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