What Would Ricky Williams Do with Lombardi Trophy for a Day?

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2008

There has been a lot of talk about the Stanley Cup lately, but we at NE Patriots Draft must ask, where is the love for the Lombardi Trophy?

We get to see it on the field after the Super Bowl and maybe at the parade, but then it goes under lock and key.

We can only speculate then, what these players, coaches, and owners would do if they were granted 24 hours with the most prized possession in the NFL.

Chad Johnson: The Lombardi trophy would undoubtedly be part of some lame touchdown celebration.

Maurice Jones-Drew: Shine it up real nice and use it as a full-length mirror.

Ricky Williams: We know it is cliche and all, but we're pretty dang sure he'd try to smoke it.

Shaun Alexander: He probably wouldn't, but he should melt it down and make a knife and spoon to go with the big fork sticking out of his back.

Peyton Manning: About 16 different commercials.

Al Davis: Two words: Vertical routes.

Jon Gruden: He'd give it a tryout for the eighth and final QB spot on the roster.

Reggie Bush: He'd cut right, then left, and lose three yards with it.

Donovan McNabb: This is too far-fetched, we know No. 5 isn't ever going to win this.

Matt Leinart: One Word: Kegstop.

LT: They would stay classy. It's a full-time job people.

Herm Edwards: Sign it as a starting right guard.

Vince Young: Probably something NSFW.

Tom Brady: Put it back on his mantle.

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