Eugene Parker NFL Enemy Number One

eric brooksCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

FOXBOROUGH, MA - 2009:  Richard Seymour of the New England Patriots poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  (Photo by NFL Photos)

At what point are these teams going to quit dealing with players who are represented by these agents who are not truly looking out for their clients best interest?

Case in point, Eugene Parker. I realize that it is the agents job to get the best deal for his player, but is he really? Lets look at 2 players that he is working for.

Michael Crabtree for starters, yeah this guy totally disrespected the Raiders organization and made himself look very immature with his reaction by not being picked by the Raiders.

Crabtree made it clear that he did NOT want to be a Raider as we all know. This is pure speculation on my part, I do not have any sources(disclaimer) but what if Parker put a bug in the kids ear? I believe Al Davis does not like dealing with Parker from past run ins.

It would be in Crabtrees best interest to drop Parker and find a different agent. Crabtree wants money he feels he is due, even though he has not been part of one actual NFL play.In my opinion I believe that Mr. Parker thinks he is creating some precedence with Crabtree holding out.

What I see happening is the guy is not getting paid because he probably advised Crabtree that they will get better money if he sits out and the 49ers will break, giving into the demands. Wrong, the 49ers will probably be awarded a compensation pick, and life will still go on for the team.

Whereas, Michael is sitting there, training everyday, not getting paid. At some point Michael needs to wake up and  say "hey I could be out there earning something".

Please understand, I am in no way a fan of Michael Crabtrees, I just hate what agents like Eugene Parker and the Poston Bros. are doing to the game! Agents are to be blamed for rising ticket prices, more than what it costs to run the stadium.

Another player represented by Eugene Parker is Richard Seymour. Another player who was refusing to join the team he team who has his rights now. How much do we want to bet that Parker was whispering in Seymours ear?

Both players were linked to the Raiders. And neither wanted any part of being a Raider. Although Seymour never came out publicly and said as much, but why did it take a letter that was supposedly sent or not sent, depending on who's talking to get him to move?

The common denominator with both players is that Eugene Parker is their agent! Eugene Parker had to do something right at some point in his career as an agent, because he has been named as one of the top 50 influential business people by Black Enterprises magazine.

If this guy doesnt wake up and realize that he really doesnt have the clients best interest in mind he may be looking for a new career when college players see that, yeah he got some clients money, whereas other players were not served well. Michael Crabtree is just the beginning.

Seymour broke and is on his way to Oakland, even though the NFLPA is looking into the "letter" and may file a grievance. Good luck with that!

As far as Crabtree, this may start serious talks by owners during their meetings to start drawing up the resolution for a rookie salary cap. Way to go Eugene! You wanted to set a precedence, well if that actually happens he just shot himself in the foot!