Raider Nation! Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

Randy LavelleCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2009

The Oakland Raiders are ready.

They are ready to break the longest running losing streak still active today.

10 straight years The Oakland Raiders have lost to there division rival The San Diego Chargers.

The Oakland Raiders have also lost there last 10 opening prime time games on MNF.

The Raiders are ready and "hungry" to prove they can turn it around.

Many "Annalists" are claiming the Raiders will again be lucky to get 6 wins.

Many think the Raiders are still "bottom feeders" of the NFL.

Many say the Raiders will be nothing until Al Davis sells the teams or dies.

Ex-players say "Don't play for them,they are a terrible organization".

When will all this disappear?                   Never!

The Raiders have and will start winning again and it starts now!

In order to gain respect,you have to earn it.They can earn with a big statement by winning this ever so important game.

What's it mean to them and there fans?Everything!

It means:
1.They prove the so called "experts" wrong.
2.They can start gaining new respect.
3.They can prove Al Davis is NOT the problem
4.They can prove that Tom Cable is in fact there coach now and in the future.
5.They can prove that they can in fact stop the run
6.They can prove they do have a passing game,even with DHB.
7.They can prove JaMarcus is there QB and can have success.
8.They can prove O' Neal is the man  after tearing all three ligaments in his knee only a year ago.
9.They can prove Mitchell was worth the #2 pick and start by being a beast on special teams.
10.They can prove San Diego no longer can beat them or overlook them.
11.They can prove they can be a dominate defense even without Richard Seymore.
12.They can prove the O-Line can give there QB protection and time to throw.
13.They can prove they can win and win again and again and again and into the playoffs.
And last,They can prove me right!For I am a Raider Fan who thinks they can answer all these questions and end up stunning the league!

Will the season end if we lose this game?Never!

They will simply work harder,fix what needs to be fixed.

90% of the nation is over looking Our Raiders.

Opponents and fans are looking at there own schedule and marking W's .Go ahead!

Just remember,It hasn't been played yet.

This is a new Raider Team with a new Raider coach with a new Raider attitude!

As the day draws closer and closer,the anticipation is growing and growing.

They are eager to show that they simply can't be over looked or predicted to lose.

This is a rival game with so much to prove.

Every year,us Raider fans have optimism and faith they will turn it around.

This year,I say they prove it!

They need to use the rival hate,the billboard material,the quotes of the doubters/experts,fans passion to motivate them to VICTORY!

Are You Ready!


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