Jacksonville Jaguars: What Austin Pasztor's Position Change Means for Offensive

Evan ReierCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Austin Pasztor (67) runs through a scrimmage during NFL football organized training activities, Tuesday, June 9, 2015, in Jacksonville, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)
John Raoux/Associated Press

Austin Pasztor will be taking on a new role for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2015. After his 2014 season ended prematurely thanks to a torn hamstring, Pasztor will be looking to start fresh in more ways than one.

He has been a consistent factor of the Jaguars' right tackle position for the past couple of years, but he's now going to try to balance his presence there as well as play further inside at guard. 

Now more than ever, tackles are switching inside to guard thanks to a skillset that better suits more traditional tackles and the overwhelming responsibly of blocking edge-rushers who seem to become more plentiful and talented by the year.

So, like those who have come before him, Pasztor will try his hand at guard. However, that doesn't necessarily mean he's completely absent from the right tackle spot; in fact, he'll probably continue to see time there as well.

Free-agent signing Jermey Parnell will take over the starting job at right tackle, and deservedly so. The former Dallas Cowboy was one of their best kept secrets, but his standout play last season led him to more playing time and a bigger paycheck in Jacksonville.

Watch Parnell's opening press conference after joining the Jaguars this past offseason.

While this puts Pasztor on the bench, he's obviously making up for it by accepting a role at guard. They say that you have to make lemonade out of life's lemons, and Pasztor is whipping up some flexibility-heavy lemonade.

Besides the signing of Parnell, the other primary reason Pasztor is able to make this switch is because of new offensive line coach Doug Marrone. Marrone is bringing change to the offensive line, and Pasztor's updated role is just one of many new features.

Switching to a new position is never easy, but Pasztor has enough experience and help around him to succeed. The Jaguars won't ask him to do a lot of typical guard assignments. Instead, he'll be used a pulling guard.

A guard who pulls is one who goes with the runner to provide additional blocking and is primarily used in "power" runs and "counter" runs, as well. With experience of blocking on the outside, a guard who pulls has the setup for an easy switch.

It helps that the Jaguars have Parnell and guard Brandon Linder on the right side to rely on for everything else and can allow Pasztor to have a specialty role instead.

Will Pasztor see more time at his traditional tackle position or as a pulling guard?
Will Pasztor see more time at his traditional tackle position or as a pulling guard?Jeff Haynes/Associated Press

This isn't a personal insult to ex-offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, but it seems like Marrone and new offensive coordinator Greg Olson are preparing a much more sensible and cohesive offense than Fisch ever could.

Fisch's offense had its issues, but it didn't seem like Marrone and Olson could figure out an offensive line scheme better than his in such a short amount of time. It's benefited almost every lineman involved, specifically Pasztor.

While the switch seems promising, Pasztor will still need to continue working and improving at guard, while also maintaining his duties as a backup tackle. It's a larger workload, but it should provide rewarding work for Pasztor in 2015.

Pasztor is getting to make the most of his abilities with his new role, and there really isn't any player taking a hit to his role because of it. Possibly Tyler Shatley, the backup guard to Linder, but the Jaguars will probably figure they need a true guard should Linder get injured.

Overall, this move seems like a win-win for the Jaguars and Pasztor. They get a pulling guard who is naturally inclined to block outside and keep their backup tackle, while Pasztor gets to take on a second role that impacts the offense.

We'll have to wait for the season to see how the transition plays out, but for the time being, this move makes perfect sense.

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