NFL Week 1 Predictions

Allen SernaContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

Thursday September 10

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers have momentum going and i do not see them losing at home on opening night. Another thing i might add the Titans lost one of the most dominant forces in the NFL in Albert Haynesworth, so expect a heavy dose of Pittsburghs running game.                                                                

Final:Titans 17, Steelers 35

Sunday September 13

Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons- The two surprise teams from last season. Both have good expectations for this season. Miami comes back with its 11 win team from last season with their wildcat. Atlanta comes back even better than last year, with Matt Ryan having a full season under his belt, Micheal Turner is one of the best backs in the league, and Tony Gonzales arrival I see it being close early and the Falcons eventually taking it.

Final:Dolphins 14, Falcons 27

Kansas City at Baltimore Ravens- KC is gonna show off their Franchise QB along with a very young and inexperienced team. This team could be very good in a few years, but not right now. Baltimore seems set to have another good season if the offense could pick up its game. I see the Ravens D dominating this one and getting points off turnovers in this one.

Final:Chiefs 10, Ravens 21

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers-Philly has high expectations this year. Why not they have McNabb, Westbrook, and a Good Defense. The defense however does not have a standout linebacker and to stop the run you need a great linebacker. The eagles don't have that linebacker, so I see the panthers taking this one in a close game

Final:Eagles 28,Panthers 31

 Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals-The broncos are heading in to the season with a disastrous off-season. They lost their franchise QB, Jay Cutler,and still face Brandon Marshall being unhappy. I see too many problems with Denver at this time. Cinci on the other hand looks like a pretty decent team with Carson Palmer coming back and that defense may be better than most people think.I see the Bengals taking this one just too much firepower on offense.

Final-Broncos 17,Bengals 28

Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland Browns-So begins the so-called Bret Farve era in Minni.Much is expected of Bret this year, but will he deliver. I think he will and he gets his season started with a victory. I just don't see much in the Browns, they don't even know who is their started and are average on defense.

Final-Vikings 27, Browns 13

New York Jets at Houston Texans-This is my personal favorate game of the week. I see the Jets as a very very good team, but i still have a huge question mark on them. Can they win with a rookie QB? As for the Texans, me being a Houston native, I have always had high hopes on them year in and year out. This year I really do think they break out and I see them starting out this year on a winning note in a class game.

Final-Jets 24, Texans 28

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts-The team that I feel always gives the Colts headaches is the Jags. The Jaguers come off a very disappointing year. I actually taught this team was gonna come, but they just had an awful season instead. As for the Colts, with Peyton Manning you will always have a chance to win. Both teams have lost big parts of their team. The Jaguars with Fred Taylor and the Colts with Tony Dungy and most the coaching staff. I see the Colts taking it at home still.

Final-Jaguars 17, Colts 31

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints-The Lions start off with a rookie QB and a 17 game losing streak.With that said its gonna be a blow out.The Saints have too much on offense and the Lions have too much of nothing.

Final-Lions 7, Saints 41

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Americas Team will start off what I see to be their "Make or Break" year. This team seems ready for a playoff run, but can Romo handle the pressure. Dallas had a good running-back tandem, decent recievers, and one of the top defenses that can pressure the QB. The Bucs meanwhile, don't have a team that is ready to win. I see Big D taking this one in convincing fashion.

Final-Cowboys 35,Buccaneers 16

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals-The 49ers will show off a great running back and good defense led by Superstar Lineback Patrick Willis,but they do not have a consistent QB. Arizona, the NFC champs, come in with a certain swagger. A state of mind of knowing they can win and I see them taking that to this game. I see the Cards winning this one.

Final-49ers 9,Cardinals 21


Washington Redskins at New York Giants-Great NFC east matchup to start the season.The Redskins look like a pretty complete team. My only question is can Jason Cambell become the QB they need him to be. The Giants on the other hand already are a well-rounded team, with a need for a playmaker. I still think the G-men take it in a close one.

Final-Redskins 20,Giants 24

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks-The Rams are not gonna be good this year...again.Well they will be better off than last year with Stephen Jackson back healthy and a growing young defense. Seattle seems ready to get back on track this year after an awful season last year to send out Mike Holgrem. They seem good this season with Matt Hassleback looking to stay injury-free.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers-Da Bears come in with as everyone knows a new QB. Jay Cutler, yes the savior to all Bears fans. The bears are now a pretty well put together team. They have a good defense, good running game, elite QB, and great wideouts. Well maybe not great recievers,but good team though. But I see the Packers as a Juggernaut this season. I really do. They have everything the bears have, but better and some good receivers. Expect the Packers to do it big this year and this will begin their great season.Close One Though.

Final-Bears 23, Packers 28

Monday Nighters

Bufallo Bills at New England Patriots-The Bills might be a suprise team this year,but not in this game. I do need to say much about the Patriots besides Brady is Back.Pats Victory.

Final-Bills 24, Patriots 41

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders-All you need to know Chargers are good, Raiders are NOT!

Final-Chargers 35, Raiders 10