Spygate: The Biggest Non-Issue In Sports In Quite Some Time

Uncle Rico Touchdown MountainCorrespondent IMay 24, 2008

I can't think of a highly publicized issue that was as big of a non-issue as what has been tabbed "Spygate."

We all know that, since the beginning of time, teams have done whatever they could to steal other teams' signs.

The theory that Spygate is a serious issue was destroyed best from players like former New York Giant Phill Sims, who said, "In the Super Bowl, we knew every play they (opponent was) going to run before the snap and that didn't help us. The bottom line is that you have to execute!"

Bill Belichick agrees that he made a mistake in his interpretation of the rules, but what he did wasn't cheating. He was simply stealing signs. The fact that he used technology puts him ahead of the curve much in the same manner that the first microphone in a player's helmet was ahead of its time. Technology advances. The Pats allegedly made use of the technology. I'm certainly no Pats fan, but I'm sorry, there's absolutely no story here.

The quote in which Matt Walsh claims, "I asked one of our quarterbacks if the information that I provided was beneficial in any way and he said, 'Actually, probably about 75 percent of the time, Tampa Bay ran the defense we thought they were going to run. If not more,'" is an absolute reach. You could take that same quote back 50 years ago and it would still fit those times. It's nothing more than a well-prepared scouting report. Who knows, maybe the scouting report had the advantage of knowing the other team's signs. If so, shame on the other team for not changing their signs from game to game.

Arlen Specter and his ilk need to focus on real-life issues. Not something like sports teams stealing signs, which as been going on since before even he was born.

Photo courtesy freewebs.com