Robert Gallery: An Analysis of the Oakland Raiders Guard

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IMay 24, 2008


Here is my analysis of Robert Gallery, guard of the Oakland Raiders.


1.     Pass Protection: B-

While Gallery wasn’t overly successful in pass protection while playing tackle for the Oakland Raiders, as a guard, his pass blocking has improved.


2.     Run Blocking: B+

Robert is an above average run blocker, as he has the power to push back defenders as well as the quickness to trap and pull. I believe that with the right coaching, Robert Gallery has the potential to become an elite run blocker.


3.     Strength: A-

A large reason why Robert Gallery was selected as a No. 2 overall pick was because of his great strength. At 6-foot-7 and 325 pounds, Gallery has the frame and the power to dominate at the guard position, even though he had played primarily at tackle earlier in his career.


4.     Quickness: A-

For an offensive lineman, Gallery is very quick. In fact, Robert was a collegiate tight end prior to being moved onto the offensive line, which is a great testament to his quickness. As a guard, Gallery’s quickness inside should become a powerful weapon.


5.     Mobility: B+

As previously mentioned, Gallery’s experience as a tight end and as an offensive tackle would imply that Gallery is quite mobile for someone who is playing the guard position. This mobility allows Gallery to get to the outside on pull plays and can allow him to make blocks in the second level when appropriate. With a little more experience at the guard position, this factor could make Gallery very good.


6.     Awareness: C

Thus far in his career, Gallery’s Achilles’ heel has been his awareness. While this is little fault of his own, as coaches constantly moved him from position to position, it is still an aspect of his game that he must improve. However, Gallery seems to have found a home at the guard position with the Oakland Raiders, and with the improved coaching of Lane Kiffin, I will believe this area of Gallery’s game will improve. While many scouts and fans have already written off Gallery as a bust, I believe Robert Gallery still has the potential to blossom into a star if this facet of his game improves.