Which Fighter Has the Best Chance of Rebounding?

Joshua BoykenContributor ISeptember 8, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 08:   Lightweight champion BJ Penn (R) battles Kenny Florian during their lightweight championship title bout at UFC 101: Declaration at the Wachovia Center on August 8, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

The recent devastating losses that our favorite and highly regarded fighters have taken is very surprising to some, and not surprising to others. Among these fighters are Forrest Griffin, Miguel Torres, Gina Carano, Randy Couture, Urijah Faber, Frank Mir, Keith Jardine, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes (even though he did win his last fight with Matt Serra, it wasn't really a big win on his resume so he will go here also), and Kenny Florian. Who has the best chance of coming back and making a name once again for themselves? In order from 10 to 1 of who has the best chance to rebound from recent loses.


10. Keith Jardine

I think his losing and winning spurts are now officiall over. I'm looking at him as a complete loser. I am interested in a rematch with Liddell however, I see how that fight makes sense. He was literally dominated by Thiago Silva and I don't see him coming back better than ever.


9. Forrest Griffin

He recently lost by an  embarrassing knockout from the hands of Anderson Silva at UFC 101: Declaration. Even though Silva is the best in the world, Forrest was never that great. He had tough fights early in his career against lesser names and then seemed as one of the best in the world after defeating Shogun and Rampage. Shogun (not making excuses) overlooked him and Forrest just had a brilliant game-plan against Rampage. I give him his props for those two wins. I do not however see him coming back and dominating or even winning big fights in this division. 


8. Chuck Liddell

One of the greatest Light Heavyweight fighters ever. He was a brilliant striker with a wrestling pedigree, he was one of our beloved heroes. But not any more. He has been taking beating after beating since the Rampage fight, and that is including Silva's fight. He took a beating, yet won the fight. he has nearly zero chances of reclaiming gold, or even being competitive at this division.


7. Randy Couture

He is never going to be champ again, there is just no way. Although he is still competitive as a heavyweight fighter. He might even become a gate keeper eventually, but he is still probably top 10 heavyweight in the world and that is a huge honor for someone of his age.


6. Matt Hughes

He can't beat GSP. Okay, that's out there. He can however fight against lesser known opponents, similar to what I said about Couture. He could challenge the contenders and even give Alves a hard time in a rematch, but becoming champ again very unlikely.


5. Gina Carano

It was a very rough fight against Cyborg. She struggled throughout with the power and strength of Cyborg. She put up a challenge though, but it was eventually stopped at the end of the first round. Carano, if she will stick with the plan and not stop fighting, has a chance to win in a rematch. Although, for some reason I have a feeling her fighting days are done.


4. Kenny Florian

He really did take a pretty good beating against BJ Penn, and I don't mean Kenny being cut and beaten up. I mean it seemed like BJ could finish the fight at anytime, right when it went to the ground is was over really. Florian however is still one of the world's best at this division, and he will prove it against whoever he fights, which is rumoured to be Clay Guida...sounds fun!


3. Frank Mir

Yes, he was manhandled by Brock Lesnar, but he was also the man who submitted Brock while being extremely rocked. He is the first man on the list whom I can see becoming champion. He made a mistake, just like Lesnar did against Mir the first time. Mir made a more crucial one actually, by letting him control his hips, shoulders, and wrists. Mir will bounce back and most likely get a title shot soon after.


2. Urijah Faber

The first Mike Brown fight a fluke? False. Second Mike Brown fight Faber broke his hand? True. Faber has actually recently had surgery on that hand. Faber will come back, beat someone in the division then get yet another title shot. Faber will most likely win the fight, I can also see him becoming champion again. Even though you should now know that Faber can be beat and Brown will be an incredible challenge for him. Aldo is the one next in line for the title shot, and if he wins, hat will also be a very difficult fight for Faber.


1. Miguel Torres

The best Bantamweight in the world still in my mind. He rocked Bowles, and then made a stupid mistake, left his hands down and got caught. Now watch that fight in slow motion; Torres was throwing punches and then went for the clinch (WHAT THE HECK!). He went for the clinch! What? Obviously, that is when he got caught. Too short of a fight to tell what would happen in a rematch, but I'm telling you Torres will defeat Bowles this time.


The rebounding chances of each person is not if they're going to win their next fight or get a title shot. It is whether they are going to come back and still put on great fights and maybe win against top notch opponents.