Oakland Raiders: Stuart Schweigert Speaks Out About His Release

Mike QuiliciContributor IMay 23, 2008

Stuart Schweigert has been talking about his recent release from the Raiders, according to the Saginaw News.

Here are two of his quotes:

''It was definitely something I was waiting for, something I've been expecting for two months,'' Schweigert said. ''Everybody knew it was coming, but I still had to go to the mandatory camps.

''It was terrible, sitting through the meetings and working on the defense they were putting in and all the time knowing I wasn't going to be a part of it. I wasn't into it mentally, emotionally or physically.''

Schweigert was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the third round (67th overall).

In his rookie year, he put up 52 tackles (43 solo, nine assisted) and three pass deflections. The following year, he improved to 87 tackles (70 solo, 17 assisted), seven pass deflections and two interceptions (against the Dolphins and the Chiefs)

In 2006, he improved by putting up 107 tackles (86 solo, 21 assisted) and four pass deflections.

In 2007, Schweigert was injured and only recorded 69 tackles (56 solo, 13 assisted), four pass deflections and two interceptions.

Schweigert has received much criticism from the Raider Nation during the last couple years.  Has he deserved much of the blame for some of the Raiders losses?

When he was drafted, he was compared to Rod Woodson by many.  Those are pretty big shoes to fill! Will Schweigert become the player many expected, with a fresh start?

Here is another quote he made:

''I would make a bunch of tackles, but the highlight on (ESPN) SportsCenter would be the one that I missed because that was the one that went for a touchdown. The Raiders are the only team in the NFL that uses the cover-0 defense, which puts eight men in the box and man coverage on the receivers.

Some teams will use the cover-0 as a gimmick defense on rare occasions, maybe to blitz. But nobody uses it as their standard defense like the Raiders do.''

''When the runner gets to me, eight guys have already missed him. The highlight, though, would only show me. The disappointing thing is that I was held up to criticism and nobody defended me after everything I've done for the Raiders. I didn't miss any camps. I did everything they asked me to do, on the field and in the community.''

Is the Raider defensive philosophy the real problem? Stu sure seems to think so. The Raiders rely on the DB's to cover man-to-man more than any other team. This has been the "Raider way" as long as I can remember. Is is an outdated way of thinking like Stu is implying? It requires great cover DB's.

The fact is, Stu has never lived up to the Big Hitting, Intercepting Freak; the Raiders hoped for when he was drafted. Time will tell if the Raiders were wrong in their release of the much criticized player. 

It is now up to Michael Huff to prove his first-round value. Will Huff end up being the next Stuart Schweigert? His expectations are certainly much higher than Stu's ever were.

Okay Nation, what do you think of Schweigert's comments? Is he correct in his comments or just another bitter ex-Raider? It's time to hear what you think.