Patriots Lawsuit: How Roger Goodell Is Destroying the NFL

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Patriots Lawsuit: How Roger Goodell Is Destroying the NFL

Icon Sports MediaRoger Goodell has done more harm to the National Football League in his short tenure as commissioner than all of the individuals who came before him.

Goodell's heavy-handed, rush-to-judgement approach has been damaging to players, owners, coaches, and now the fans themselves.

Carl Mayer, a New York Jets season ticket holder from New Jersey, has filed a $184 million dollar class action lawsuit against Patriots coach Bill Belichick for, as Mayer put it, "deceiving customers."

Mayer is seeking settlement for all Jets season ticket holders, saying the Patriots "violated the integrity of the game," and that Jets fans paid $61.6 million to watch eight "fraudulent" contests.

The lawsuit alleges that the Patriots' secret videotaping violated the contractual "expectations and rights" of Jets ticket holders "to observe an honest match played in compliance with all laws and regulations."

According to Mayer and his attorney, Bruce Afran, the actions of Coach Belichick violated federal and state racketeering laws, the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, and the New Jersey Deceptive Business Practices Act.

And Roger Goodell has no one to blame but himself

Goodell has invited bedlam with his zeal for hasty punishment. In this instance, his false branding of the Patriots as "cheaters" has wrought irreparable damage on the NFL.

It's time that the NFL owners—who elected Goodell in the first place—hold an emergency session to discuss the removal of the Commissioner.

I, for one, believe that anyone with Goodell's penchant for draconian punishments and Godlike arrogance has no business running a professional sports league.

There's no need for fascism in the NFL.

By the way, if Mayer and Afran go through with this suit, will the Jets current head coach, Eric Mangini, be sued also, as he was the Patriot's defensive coordinator for half of those 8 games, at least?  

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