Oakland Raiders:Here We Go Again?

Randy LavelleCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2009

Haters,fans,and players are all saying "Here we go again"!After last Saturdays melt down of a 45-7 tail kicking from The New Orleans Saints,many have made that very statement.

Does one preseason game predict an entire season?

Does one tail whipping mean the whole season will be a disaster?

The Saints did the Raiders a huge favor.

They exposed the weaknesses of this young team with there #1 offense and there 23rd ranked defense of 2008.

Tom Cable eliminated players last year who didn't care if they lost a game in the season.Players who laughed,joked,and didn't show any concern what so ever about losing.

Those days are over.To any competitor,losing hurts and it hurts even worse when that's what's been going on for six long years.

Tom has added players with winning attitudes and hard work ethics.

After this recent loss,the team knew they failed in many areas and none of them were happy.

Some took responsibility for some of the failures.Example:JaMarcus Russell stated he could have placed some of his passes in better positions to avoid drops and fumbles.

To me,this shows me Russell is putting his team on his shoulders and taking responsibility in that he needs to always improve.

Tom Cable even admitted that he could have did better in the plays he was calling.

I think Tom was just trying to get the passing game going and get Russell some experience in that regard.

Tom surely didn't try to get the running game going.If he had,i think it would have been a much better game.

Think about it,Our # 5 running game against a #23 defense.

Our run defense looked horrible and it has me concerned,but is it really time to "Throw in the towel" just yet?No.

Look,i could point out all that went wrong in that game, criticize players who didn't do there job, blew there coverage,or missed there gaps,but the bottom line is that this is a preseason game and yes,the questions have to be answered,there always has to be improvement,and the team has to come together as a whole.

You can bet that the Raiders will not simply give up or give in to doubters.They will work even harder than ever before to prove that they can beat there next opponent and keep winning through out the year.

Tom Cable and The Raiders have a goal and there are many obsticales along the way,along with some slips,trips,and falls but you can bet that they will do there damnest to try and get there.


Win,Lose,Or Tie Always A Raider Until I Die!