GBN Special Edition: Who Two? (Revamped)

Brad NortonCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2009

I did an article a while back.

I've decided that with the acquisitions of Bellinelli, and Weems. That it needed to be updated. So, let's get started.

Throughout this article i'm going to look at the strengths and weaknesses of DeMar DeRozan, Marco Belinelli, and Antoine Wright, which are the three guys who are the  three most eligible to start at shooting guard.


Marco Belinelli 


amazing range/outside shot %

dribble with both hands/decent ball handler

quick release/set shooter

explosive athleticism

effectively guard multiple positions

good footwork/lateral quickness

good for defensive pressure situations


rely more on slashing/less on perimeter shots

needs to improve point abilities

tough time guarding at the point

sometimes losses focus


Antoine Wright


possesses all physical tools of an SG


45% from the perimeter on a large number of attempts

smart shot selection

not afraid to be aggressive on defense

works his ass off on the court


take advantage of athletic ability

may never reach starter status

inconsistent from the free throw line

Some question whether he is a Marcus Banks type of player (doesn't try hard once he gets his money).


DeMar DeRozan


explosive athleticism

willingness to play defense



advantage over most other players at his position(s)


very raw/hasn't developed a feel for his game yet

inconsistent on the defensive end as well as the free throw line

struggles to take advantage of the physical advantages he has over others

bad ball handler as well as shooter


Keeping in mind that these players will probably improve by the start of the season. DeMar Derozan has and will get the job. But, if it were given to Antoine Wright or Marco Bellinelli, I wouldn't mind.

But, I think that DeRozan is the most capable of being in that position, do to his willingness and guts to do things, that I don't think Belinelli or Wright are ready to attempt.

My prediction of the roster chart is this:

Starter: C Andrea Bargnani PF Chris Bosh SF Hedo Turkoglu SG DeMar DeRozan PG Jose Calderon

Main Backup: C Rasho Nesterovic PF Reggie Evans SF Antoine Wright SG Marco Bellinelli PG Jarrett Jack

Third Tier: C Patrick O' Bryant PF Amir Johnson SF Sonny Weems SG Quincy Douby PG Marcus Banks


I put every ones name only once on that chart because it was a roster chart and not a depth chart. We do have like 9 players that can play multiple positions. But, this is the easiest way to keep everyone happy and get them all significant time n the floor.

Plus, if say JJ just came of a shift on point guard you/jay aren't going to put him as shooting guard for the next shift because he'd be tired. So, it would be given instead to someone who hasn't played, yet.