GBN Special Edition:Who Two?

Brad NortonCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

It's a special third edition of GBN breaking down the question of who starts at the two for the raptors. 

all right, so now since of this article: 

Jarrett Jack is pretty much a raptor, all we have to do is wait for the news conference tommorow. which leaves two roster spots, one is most likely all locked up. I'd imagine Bryan Colangelo has already privately discussed a good contract for Rasho with Rasho.

They probably agreed on some veteran minimum contract starting at some lower number and possibly increasing or decreasing for the years coming. I would like it better if it was decreasing saving money for the future as the NBA salary cap isn't too stable and if we need to make a run at a FA.

I'm thinking along the lines of 1.8-2.1 mill. for 2 years with increases or decreases of 8%. We don't want to be tied up with everybody on our roster for the next 3 years. I hope to possibly re-sign him after those two years are up. If he's still decent.

Carlos Delfino will be the first option to fill that last roster spot and we pretty much need him now. So, that's why he's probably playing games with Bryan trying to get a little bit more money.

Why we need him? well, we've roughly spent 5 million of the mid-level exception(MLE) on Jarrett Jack which is a really good thing. Which leaves us with the vet minimum contracts, bi-annual exception(BAE), and nine hundred thousand dollars left of the MLE.

We can't spend the $900,000 on anything since that is equal to 9 cents in the NBA. We're spending the vet. minimum on Rasho or we could even use the BAE on him. It doesn't make that significant of a difference. Leaving us with 900,000 dollars and either the BAE or Vet. minimum.

Which unfortunately can't be combined, now we could try to shoot for a vet. that falls through the cracks to sign as a FA for BAE. But, there is no guarantee that they'll even sign with us or that they're going to be decent.

We have Delfino's bird rights and he's our own free agent which means we can spend up to 10 million dollars on the first year of his contract with yearly increases or decreases of 10.5%.

I might have screwed it up as this Bird right stuff sometimes get's me confused so go here for info:

Anyways, after the signing of Jack and Rasho we have very little money to sign FA with so, our best option is to re-sign Delfino. If we don't then the second best option would most likely be a trade.

I think their might possibly still be a trade involving the Raps. But, that's one man's opinion.

Alright, now that I've just figured out who get's filled by our vacant roster spots. We ask the question of who will play starting two for the Raps come the 2009-10 season.

Antoine Wright?or Demar Derozan?or Carlos Delfino?

Well, right now i really don't have the slighlest clue who will start at the two. Not even Jay Triano knows. They will all get time their along with Jarrett Jack.

But, eventually someone will have to be moved to the back up 3 to help out Turkoglu and George. I think that will be Demar Derozan. Which leaves Wright and Delfino and i take Delfino to start over Wright and Wright will play Back up.

Starting Lineup preview: C:Andrea Bargnani, PF:Chris Bosh, SF:Hedo Turkoglu, SG: Carlos Delfino, PG: Jose Calderon

Second Tier: C: Radoslov Nesterovic, PF: Reggie Evans, SF: Demar Derozan SG: Anotine Wright, PG: Jarrett Jack

Garbage time and w/e minutes are left: C: POB, PF: n/a, SF: Devean George, SG: Douby, PG: Banks/Roko

Alright, now i have spent longer than i intended writing this and I have to go do some stuff, peace.