Brandon Marshall ~ Bronco or Jackass? Suspended

Rustyn RoseContributor IAugust 28, 2009


Denver Broncos wide receiver, Brandon Marshall is as idiotic as he is talented. The diva displays just keep coming from a player who has courted legal disaster and is now dealing with a hip injury. And now ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos have suspended their enigmatic receiver for the remainder of the preseason, for conduct detrimental to the team and acts of insubordination. This comes after his Wednesday behavior where  Brandon Marshall making a mockery of practice.

The last two seasons Brandon Marshall has been a running, catching highlight real in motion. This spring when the Broncos traded gunslinger QB Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears, Marshall decided he wanted gone as well. Not satisfied having the NFL’s version of Tom Arnold (Kyle Orton) tossing him the pigskin, or being part of what is now a rebuilding process, kid ego has found new ways to hold his breath until the Bronco’s ownership relents. The team claims it has no intention of letting its star receiver go.

At some point though the Broncos brass must accept the inevitable, which is regardless of Marshall’s skill level, his obnoxious and detrimental conduct is only going to continue hurting the team. Make him another team’s headache. I can think of four teams who would be happy to take him. 1) Oakland Raiders- Al Davis will take a chance on any buffoon with speed and a low IQ; 2) Dallas Cowboys – Jerry Jones will take a chance on any buffoon with a modicum of talent and a chance at making an episode of America’s Most Wanted; 3) New York Jets ~ Not satisfied with Jericho Cotchery as their number one option, Marshall gives the Jets their very own UnoCinco; 4) Baltimore Ravens - The Ravens are perhaps the one team that could really use Marshall. Derek Mason is withering away as I write this, and there is not another receiving threat in their backfield worthy of note. QB Joe Flacco needs a a guy like Marshall to throw to, and perhaps getting the diva out of Denver might calm his histrionics for at least the 2009 season. Are you paying attention Ozzie Newsome?