Former WWE Diva Lita Going to TNA?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 30, 2009

There is a big rumor out now that is saying former WWE Women's Champion Amy Dumas formerly known as Lita, will be in TNA soon. Some are thinking she could show up at the Bound For Glory PPV, but nothing has been set in stone.

There is an idea being tossed around where she could show up for a little while and work with the Knockouts on a very light schedule, but many think it is something similar to what TNA did back in the summer with Raven and Shane Douglas.

The two were brought in to help the iMPACT viewership and PPV buys for Slammiversary. They left a small time after and haven't been seen on TNA TV since.

With Sting's supposed last wrestling match at Bound for Glory being the big draw, many think that adding Lita to the mix may be a good idea to hype the event even more.

Also, the Knockouts Tag Team Title is supposed to be decided at No Surrender and more is going to be done with the belts at Bound For Glory, according to reports.

Again, nothing has been set in stone and its only a rumor, but Lita could be in a match for the tag belts at the TNA marquee PPV with a possible partner by the name of Jazz.

Jazz was also a WWE Diva for some time and was a former Women's Champion. However, she first made her name in ECW. They could just be in for the PPV, and then leave, but who knows?

Some believe that Lita is being brought in to help in the Knockouts storylines, because no one on the writing staff knows what to do with them as far as storylines go anymore. This is why we have only seen small storylines with the Knockouts for some time now.

Russo, Tenay, and others have expressed their frustration with storylines. They know they have a lot of great talent in the Knockouts, and want to really make them something worth watching.

They want their characters to be the best in the world, because they know they have an amazing shot to do so.

While the wrestling is good with the women, there is no marquee storyline according to many internally.

TNA is also pitching an all Knockouts TV Show to Spike. According to the new deal they have with them, if Spike TV does not pick up the show, they can shop it around to any other network.

Lita could help with the storylines there naturally, but its possible that she could be on the announce crew possibly with backstage interviewer/reporter Lauren. Lita does have experience being on an announce crew of course.

She was on Sunday Night Heat as the color woman for the crew while she was out with an injury years back.

Lauren of course has experience on the mic and could be the main announcer while Lita was on color. However, the announcing idea would only come to pass if a network picked up the show.

Lita has mentioned that she would come back to wrestling, but didn't feel she could do it full-time anymore. If she were to work with the WWE, she knows she would have a massive travel schedule, along with house shows and other events, thats not including TV spots either.

If she went to TNA, she wouldn't do as much wrestling there, more so backstage work. I would guess they would use her as a wrestler first, then gradually take her out of the wrestling end of things.

Mike Tenay helps with storylines while also working on the announce crew, so it is possible to do both. Lita is said to have a good wrestling mind, but will she go there?

This is all rumored of course, but many think Lita will come in at least for the set-up to the Bound For Glory PPV.

She accepted a DJ job back in 2007 with a Punk Rock Station on Sunday Nights out of Atlanta. While doing this she has also been working on her own music career.

But still, she has expressed her unhappiness with it all and has been wanting to return to the wrestling scene.

It is possible that TNA could really boost her music career by promoting it while she is there. That is, if she wants to continue it or just go in-depth with wrestling once again.

I personally think Lita would be great in TNA. I have always been a fan of hers. Now, the only issue I see is that she may be wrestling a little. She has not been in a ring for some time, as far as I know, so she may have a lot of ring rust.

She is probably one of the best female wrestlers of all time, but she hung up her wrestling boots a while back. Will she be good enough to return back to it? I don't know.

I do know that she would be great behind the scenes or on the announce crew. So, if TNA wants to bring her in for just that, this could be a great thing to see.