My Impression of Seahawks Preseason Thus Far

Drew JacksonContributor IAugust 30, 2009

Thank god that football is finally back. I was going insane without anything to really do. This is just an article that will allow me to share some of my opinions on the Hawk's preseason so far.

Let me start off by saying that we began the preseason with a great passing game and good defense. All aspects of the team looked improved from what we first saw in San Diego when we went to Kansas...

Offensively: I was impressed by the progress made by the offensive line; although, there were a few spots that I wasn't sure they were at their best. The offensive line looked like it was greatly improved compared to San Diego and Denver. Kansas City has a great defensive line and they didn't touch Hasselbeck as much as they could/should have, so I say a job well done by the o-line. Julius Jones also showed some flashes of what he can do when he gets a little blocking up front, he had a few great carries for 4+ yards. In my book, any carry that provides 4+ yards is good and when Jones got some good blocking he did show what he could do.

That said, Jones seemed slow on some runs, prefering to barrel into a pile rather than make a cut and take off. Maybe this is some "monday morning quarterbacking" im doing, but on a lot of plays I saw a lane develop before Jones made a cut and He'd plow into the pile for 2-3 yards. This is not only not a very good run, but also puts him at risk for injury.

The passing game was brilliant. It did look like a couple recievers are still working on timing with Hasselbeck, but the overall was great. The first interception/throw of the game by Matt (in my opinion) looked to be more of reciever error, Branch had the opportunity to catch the ball as it flew just over his head (maybe 6 inches over his helmet) but instead the Chiefs took part in a tip drill and got the score.

Defensively: The defense was what surprised me. Their progression is obvious, the run up the middle is now stuffed... every time. Larry Johnson couldn't manage a yard up the middle with Mebane and Cole plugging it up. I'm also excited to see the ammount of pass rush we have.

The defensive line has been great all preseason, and it would seem to me that the main wat teams will get yards against us on the ground is through sweeps and outside handoffs. The preformance by our line has made me excited for the start of the season and the new realization that the Seahawks defense is for real. Linebacker have done what is expected of them, Aaron Curry is still learning, developing through preseason play. A few times he's been in good position but makes a bad decision and misses a tackle, this will be fixed once the adjustment to the NFL is made (I have no doubt this will be done fast).

The secondary is my biggest problem thus far, Ken Lucas looks great, He's nearly perfect in man coverage. (My philosophy is that a corner with no stats is better than a corner with tons of deflected passes/ints. cause the corner with no stats is forcing the QB to not throw to his man). Josh Wilson is a bit annoying. He does somthing stupid, like miss a tackle or let a reciever run free, and then makes up for it by doing somthing awesome. If this kid can play consiistantly like he's capable of, he's going to be a great CB.

Denver Broncos: Lol, this is just here because I'd like to say thank you to Brandon Marshall. Your suspension is awesome, please though, when you return, could you make sure to injure some Broncos' players with your antics? I'd like a higher draft pick from you guys than we already will get... I'm thinking top 10 already, a little more help from you and it could be top 5!