Who Is The Laughing Stock Of The Afc West?

Sean ChisickContributor IAugust 28, 2009

DENVER - 2009:  Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by NFL Photos)

I just read the the Denver Broncos have suspended Brandon Marshall indefinitely for detrimental behavior.  Now, I have to ask myself, who is truly the most dysfunctional team in the Afc West? 

I know that this is going to start a ridiculous amount of feedback but, that's why I am writing this article. I love to shoot it out with fans of other teams as well as my fellow Silver and Black faithful.

To back up my arguments, lets look at what has happened with the Raiders this off-season in comparison to the Broncos.  There are three noteworthy articles of contention that have occurred in Raider Nation.  

The first and second were of course the first and second round draft picks.  DHB and Mike Mitchell were both viewed as absolutely botched picks.  I am not going to dispute that but, we won't know the full ramifications of these picks until the season begins and progresses.

The third, and the one that I personally think means very little in the big scheme of things, is that Coach Cable broke one of his assistant's jaw—Big deal. 

I'm sorry, the only reason that this makes headlines is that it happened in Oakland.  Men lose their tempers.  It happens, deal with it. If charges get laid, then it could cause some problems, no doubt, but let's see how it plays out.

Now, what has happened in Denver blows anything that the Raiders have done completely out of the water!  The three big points that have happened in Mile High make any mistakes the Raiders made look like a little rain drop in the ocean, you don't notice it. 

First, they fire Shanahan and then hire Josh McDaniels to take over.  I liked this move because it seemed that Shanahan was starting to not have a good grip on how to run his team. He had failed in the last few drafts to get quality players. His defences almost made Oakland's look like an All-Pro team. He needed to go, I can't argue that. 

Hiring McDaniels seemed like a good move but right from the get go he alienated players, especially his star quarterback. 

Which leads me to my next point, the trade of Jay Cutler.

Wow, did that situation get screwed up.  Why in the world would you want to trade for a one-hit wonder, which I am convinced Matt Cassel is, when you have a proved quarterback already on the roster?  I understand that you might want your "guy" on the team, but really? Cassel over Cutler?! I don't think so. 

Whats worse is that you traded him for Kyle Orton. Orton?! Orton?! I mean, wow. I am speechless.

Finally, Brandon Marshall. Your number one receiver who wants a new contract or to be traded.  I can understand why this guy would want out after he loses the man who helped make him an All-Star.  This is the final straw that broke the camel's back. 

Now, this situation is definitely not completely the organization's fault as Marshall has a history of issues.  I just feel that it has dragged on for way to long and now he is suspended, which makes the team even worse.  Orton to Eddie Royal just doesn't scare me as much as Cutler to Marshall did last season. Sorry, it just doesn't work.

In closing, the Raiders have issues, we all know this.  They just don't have the same issues that seem to be arising in Denver. 

Looking forward to the multitude of comments that I know will appear.  Always love the feedback guys, it makes this so much fun.