As College Football Season Cometh, So Doth Creature vs. Creature

Justin GoarSenior Writer IAugust 28, 2009

DETROIT - MARCH 28:  A cheerleader from the Kansas Jayhawks performs against the Villanova Wildcats during the Midwest Regional Semifinal of the 2008 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament at Ford Field on March 28, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Everyone in the college football community is hyped to get the 2009 season underway, myself included. One of the many great things about this site is the relationships developed by writers with one another from different areas, styles, backgrounds, and team affiliations.

Those interactions gave birth to the collaborative writing effort on this site called "Creature vs. Creature." Quite simply, it's two writers, representing two different teams that are facing one another, collaborating on a game preview.

They say two heads are better than one, and in this case it's true. Balanced in its design, it brings you information, previews, and predictions from both sidelines.

So I invite the writers in the CFB community to once again step forward and offer this unique type of preview to the readers out there again this season.

The only thing to keep in mind is respect: respect for one another, the opposing team, and this site. I would never want this concept tainted by cheap shots and name-calling and such. So far, most of the pieces I've seen have displayed respect, and I would urge new writers to B/R who may be unfamiliar with "CvC" to observe that.

Lastly, this concept originated in the college football community last year, and I was delighted to see it spread to other communities.

Creature vs. Creature NASCAR? Creature vs. Creature F1? Creature vs. Creature wrestling? Creature vs. Creature tennis? They all happened, and then some.

Now, with the college football season kicking off in a week, it's time for CvC to come back home. Good luck to all this season, and happy writing!


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