Hours of Family Fun from Milton Bradley

Todd HayekCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2009

HOUSTON - APRIL 06:  Milton Bradley #21 of the Chicago Cubs flips over after missing a fly ball against the Houston Astros on Opening Day on April 6, 2009 at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.  The Cubs defeated the Astros 4-2.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Milton Bradley is a game manufacturing company best known for its popular lineup of products designed for hours of family fun.


The other Milton Bradley is a baseball player best known for his anger management issues, inappropriate comments, and a list of antics responsible for years of fan frustration.


He’s at it again. Milton Bradley says he’s tired of being booed by fans at Wrigley Field and also has been bad-mouthed in Chicago restaurants by members of the wait staff.


Milton doesn’t like being booed. Bradley is taking his board game and going home! He doesn’t want to play anymore.


"All I'm saying is that I play the game in nine innings," he said, "so I can go out there the least amount of time possible and then go home."


His comments came on the heels of his four-hit performance that included a home run. It was one his few good “turns” this year and he immediately sank his own “Battleship”!


Bradley is on his eighth team. He has burned seven bridges already and is at “Risk” of burning another one. Although he has had very good seasons statistically, his previous teams had no desire to continue playing his games.


Cubs fans have 30 million reasons to be upset with Bradley, who was supposed to be that free agent acquisition who would breath “Life” into their offense. His $30 million contract is looming over his lack of production and fans should be on his back like a "Barrel of Monkeys."


Bradley has no room for excuses and should accept the criticism. His .259 batting average is way below last year, when he hit .321 with 22 homers as a member of the Texas Rangers. This year he has 10 home runs and just 32 RBI.


Did the Cubs overpay for a player who may have just had a really good year on a very good offensive ball club last year?  Bradley has a career batting average of .278 and has hit more than 20 home runs just once (2008).


Regardless of this year's production, Bradley is not too far off his normal production. His three-year averages of 16 home runs and 55 RBI since 2006 are still within reach, especially since he has been playing well lately; he’s hit three homers and has five RBI in his last seven games.


That is exactly what makes the timing of Bradley’s comments so perplexing. He was sliding down “chutes” and climbing back up “ladders” all season long and he was still in a decent position to win the game. Now he starts whining.


Milton apparently believes he is the only player the Cubs fans have ever booed, that he has a “Monopoly” on being the target of fan frustration. Chicago fans have every reason to be upset. The lovable fans have endured losing and underachievement for a century now, and shouldn’t have to put up with Milton’s antics as well.


"I regret that there are idiots in the world; that's what I regret," he said, referring to certain comments by Cubs fans.


Well, Milton Bradley, the Cubs probably feel the same way. Bradley could possibly need to use his “get out of jail free card” and move on to his ninth team where he won’t have to worry about being booed or criticized.


Maybe the New York or Boston fans and media would play his games?


Not a chance. They would tell him to take his “Parcheesi” attitude and “Strate-GO” somewhere else!