Fantasy Scouting Report: Randy Moss

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Fantasy Scouting Report:  Randy Moss
(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Randy Moss

New England Patriots

Age: 32

Height: 6’4"

Weight: 210 lbs

Bye: 8

Why We Like Him: Moss is still one of the best big-play wide receivers in the NFL. He possesses a rare combination of speed, size and balance which makes trying to contain him an absolute nightmare. While his numbers were slightly down in 2008, owners need to remember that the guy throwing him the rock (Matt Cassel) hadn’t started a football game since he was in high school.

In any event, Moss posted yet another top ten fantasy finish by catching 69 passes (28th) for 1,008 yards (21st) and 11 touchdown (third). All-World quarterback Tom Brady returns to the New England lineup this season, instantly elevating Moss’ 2009 fantasy value.

Why We Don’t Like Him: This is the place where some people might tell you that his age, character concerns and quarterback’s knee are a problem. We aren’t buying it. Moss still has the speed to get vertical on the outside and hasn’t created any sort of "off the field issue” since arriving in New England two years ago.

The only possible worry with Moss is the nasty New England weather that comes rolling through in November and December. The good news however, is that even some wind and snow can’t stop this passing attack.

Fantasy Outlook: After watching what this offense did in 2007 we are surprised there isn’t more hype surrounding Moss heading into 2009. The Patriots are going to once again throw the ball like crazy, meaning the targets, receptions and yards will be there. Additionally, Moss is still one of the scariest red zone threats in the league, having scored an absurd 34 receiving touchdowns over the past two years.

Don’t get caught thinking negative about Moss on draft day—it will come back to haunt you. Look for him at the beginning of the second round. Remember, this team is still pissed about that Super Bowl loss against the Giants in 2008. They are looking for redemption.

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