Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko Sounds Good, Actual Bout Would Be Even Better

Jessy MorrisAnalyst IAugust 25, 2009

Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko has been striking fear in the eyes of most heavyweights around the world.

With victories over the best fighters in the world, Fedor has been highly considered by many to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Since Pride was bought by Zuffa LLC. Fedor has fought for rival organizations. He fought for Affliction as its heavyweight champion and made two former UFC heavyweight champions look bad.

After defeating Tim Sylvia at the first Affliction event, he showed signs of weakness in his second fight against Andrei Arlovski. But it wasn't long before he stepped right back into "super god mode" to KO Arlovski with a single blow.

With the third Affliction event coming up, Fedor was scheduled to defend his title against Josh Barnett but then tested positive and Affliction died not long after that.

With Fedor now a free agent, the UFC began negotiating a fight with their top name, Brock Lesnar. Negotiations failed and Fedor signed with rival company, Strikeforce.

Brock Lesnar took the Mixed Martial Arts world by storm. A former pro wrestler turned MMA fighter, a lot of people doubted him at first.

His first UFC fight was against Frank Mir and Lesnar submitted in the very first round.

Brock showed what he was made of when he dominated Heath Herring at UFC 87. A lot of people were shocked at how easily Lesnar defeated Herring.

With only three pro fights on his record, Brock received an opportunity of a lifetime when he challenged Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight championship at UFC 91.

Lesnar silenced the critics once again when he TKO'ed Couture in the second round and became heavyweight champion. The fight Lesnar really wanted was a rematch against Frank Mir and when Mir won against Nogueira, his dream came true.

It was now official, Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar 2 at UFC 100. Brock Lesnar continued his reign of dominance with an impressive win over Frank Mir and established himself as one of the top heavyweight fighters in the world.


Final Analysis

When the UFC was in negotiations with Fedor it was primarily for him to fight its top heavyweight, Brock Lesnar.

If Brock Lesnar would ever fight Fedor Emelianenko, it would be the clash of the titans. Fedor has proved to be a very well-rounded fighter with exceptional ground and pound skills. Fedor is also explosive, as he showed in his last fights against Sylvia and Arlovski.

The big problem here is the size difference. Lesnar cuts down to make the 265-pound weight limit, while Fedor weighs 220 pounds.

His smaller size has never stopped Fedor from winning before, but against a wrestler as good as Brock, this could pose a serious threat. Could Fedor stop the takedowns and prevent Lesnar from getting top position and staying there?

Lesnar seems to improve with every fight but Fedor has shown to be an exceptional fighter. This would prove to be a great fight but maybe too early for Lesnar to take on.


Prediction: Fedor Emelianenko by Unanimous Decision

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