Did Randy Hanson Deserve What Happened to Him?

jeremy barilCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2009

There’s been an obvious rift between Tom Cable and Randy Hanson for quite some time. Reportedly on the day Cable became the interim head coach he told Hanson if he could the first thing he would do is fire him. Cable has lobbied for months to reduce Hanson’s role and finally was able to get him out of the picture.

From what I’ve read about Randy Hanson is the fact he is the biggest brown-noser in the Bay Area. Security has mentioned he’ll “accidentally” bump into Al Davis to talk about the team.

He’s been mentioned as having told his family members this past spring Al Davis was grooming him for a general manager type role within the Raiders. He’s been rumored to be one of “Al’s guys” and reportedly was the eyes and ears for Al on defense.

I don’t think for a minute he was one of Al’s guys, but Al pretended to like him since Hanson is Al’s key witness in the Lane Kiffin firing. Before this incident with Cable occurred Hanson had already had a legal ruling for which he spoke against Kiffin and for the Raiders.

Al hasn’t gone to bat for Hanson either thus proving that Tom Cable does have some power within this team.

Hanson tried to circumvent Cable by going to Al. Hanson was told by Al that he wouldn’t undermine Tom Cable so Al offered Hanson a chance to study film tape, accept another position, or be paid without having to perform his duties and he declined.

I’ve read from some NFL people say that although Hanson was a tireless worker, he was also a talker. “He wouldn’t shut up and occasionally he’d get himself into trouble by saying something stupid because he’d be up for hours.”

Unfortunately at this time the media and the fans have no clear understanding of what occurred before Cable reportedly pushed Hanson out of his chair and whatever happened afterwards.

About the only confirmed events that have occurred is Cable demoting Hanson, Hanson talking smack to John Marshall, and then Cable pushing Hanson out of his chair and a fight ensued.

What kind of events led up to this? Why did Cable have so much disdain for Hanson? What did Hanson say to Marshall that provoked Cable enough to push him out of his chair? What happened after Hanson was knocked out of his chair? Did he charge Cable and a fist fight ensued afterwards with Cable kicking his rear end and thus choking him because he was so worked up about him?

There are way too many questions at this point. Yes Hanson has a broken bone in his cheek, but I can’t say it’s purely Cable’s fault. The real story has yet to be revealed. What if his face was fine upon hitting whatever he hit after coming out of the chair and he attacked Cable? If that’s the case then basically Cable defended himself and Cable won’t be charged.

Until all the facts are the table I can’t come to the conclusion this is ultimately Cable’s fault. Hanson sounds like a whiny brown-nosing punk who started something he shouldn’t have started.