Jettisoned: How Favre Screwed The Jets

traceContributor IAugust 20, 2009

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - AUGUST 18: Brett Favre talks with the media after his first practice with the Minnesota Vikings on August 18, 2009 at Winter Park in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  (Photo by Scott A. Schneider/Getty Images)

Having once been a huge fan of the guy, it pains me to say that I'm completely over Brett Favre. If we were buddies, I would totally de-friend him on Facebook. Frankly, I'm just over the schtick. He's not the affable country boy he once was. I'm well aware of every record he possesses, but in the spectrum of celebrity, this guy has gotten closer to the Kardashians than the Mannings. He's one sex tape away from a reality series.

While everyone is ready to crown the Vikings NFC Champs, the story that seems lost to me is how the Jets seem to be out of some draft picks. Last year, when Favre "retired," he asked to be released from the reserve/retirement list. The Jets, not wanting to spoil the nurturing process of Mark Sanchez, may have let Favre off too easily. Instead of getting some sort of mid-rounds compensation, the Jets got nothing, which hurts when you consider they only had three draft picks total this year.

Hell, maybe if the Jets played hardball, they could have used Favre another year and targeted Sam Bradford in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The year before, when Green Bay absolutely refused to trade Favre to their division rival Vikings, the Jets threw Favre's career a life preserver, but in the end, they found themselves up the creek without a paddle. That's hardly the treatment you'd expect from this Southern gentleman and legend of the game.

This, however, is a moot point now. Favre's arrived at Vikings' practice, the age sprinkled across his face in the form of snow white whiskers. This is their white knight, the one to take them to the promised land. But I'm not convinced he's the right guy for the job.

Last season, over his last 5 games, when the Jets were 1-4, Favre threw two touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. But that's because he was hurt, right? No problem, he'll just have surgery and fix that aging arm right up? Is that what we're to think? Those losses came to Denver, San Francisco, Buffalo and Seattle. That would be the 8-8 Broncos, the 7-9 49ers, the 7-9 Bills and finally, the 4-12 Seahawks. I'm sure Minnesota fans are praying that he finishes up stronger this year, as the Vikings close their last 5 games with only two at home: one against the dominant NY Giants, and the other against an improved Bengals squad, that at least comes back healthy and after having drafted to shore up its offensive line and defense. The other three games are on the road against the NFC Champ Cardinals, NFC South stalwarts Panthers and divisional foe Bears. Frankly, I don't even expect Favre makes it that far. I don't think he's in shape, I dont think the shoulder will hold up, and I don't think they needed him in the first place.

If you're the Vikings, and it's well known that you've got a defense that can stop the run, and an offense that can impose the run, then wouldn't a Trent Dilfer type be your ideal quarterback? Shouldn't the 2000 Ravens be your model team? You really want a guy known for being a 'gunslinger' in there? Sage Rosenfels isn't a solid option? Isn't he just going to hand it off to Adrian Peterson 25 times a game, another 7-10 to Chester Taylor, and throw to them a combined 8 more times? Don't you really only need about 20 play action attempts from this guy? You're not asking much.

You don't need the attention. You don't need the gunslinging, and you certainly don't need a locker room in shambles. Everyone else has to show up for training camp, put in two a days, engage in film study, build camaraderie...except Brett Favre. Now, we've seen over these first few days that everyone is saying the politically correct things. They're raving about the 'zip' on Brett's passes and the aura of his presence. We'll see how long it lasts.

I'm sorry, but I'll be happy when the day that Brett Favre retires--and it stays that way.