Sirius Radio is Becoming NFL Embarrassment.

Steve DuranContributor IAugust 20, 2009


This morning's show was an embarrassment for Sirius Radio.  Adam Schein demonstrated a serious lack of ethics with a his series of bazaar world comments.  Here is a quick list of his double standard broadcasting.

 1. Oakland Raiders releasing FB Lorenzo Neal, huge mistake.  As opposed to Baltimore Ravens releasing FB Lorenzo Neal, no problem.

 2. Plaxico Burgess carrying a concealed weapon into another state and into a bar and then shooting himself in the leg.  Schein's, opinion, "unjust punishment."

 3. Josh McDaniel's devastation of the Broncos roster and Brandon Marshall specifically, "Josh will and should win."

How about  FB Lorenzo Neal is 38 going on 39.

How about Plaxico: USE A GUN, GO TO JAIL.

How about Josh McDaniel: cutting over 24 players and killing any relationship with an elite QB Cutler, now trying to put a dunce cap on the only star left on the team, brilliant!  Really, Schein needs to focus on McDaniel's being short lived with these kinds of decisions.

Moreover, these are just the bazaar ethics Adam Schein has broadcast this morning.  In truth, he consistently is an illogical Raider hater and refuses to utter a positive comment about anything from Oakland. 

I believe the game has passed Adam by, but at least he needs more supervision over his script subject matter.   He should have a standing rule that if he loves a team he may go up to 90/10 good news, weakness review.  If he hates a team he may go no further than 50/50 bad news, saving grace. 

This would help his broadcasting interest and credibility.