As Expected, Packers-Vikings Tickets an Increasingly Hot Commodity

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IAugust 20, 2009

With Brett Favre shocking the world/no one, and returning to the NFL this week, football fans across the country were annoyed and dismayed, with a few steadfast Favre supporters still delighting in his every move and untruthful word.

Regardless of their thoughts on Favre and wishy-washy inability to retire, I think most football fans would be lying if they said they were not at least a little bit intrigued to see what happens when the Vikings play Favre’s old team this year.

Especially when the game is in Lambeau, it will create one of the most ironic, unexpected, and seemingly preposterous scenes in NFL history. It would be like Derek Jeter playing shortstop in Yankee Stadium…but for the Red Sox.

Who would have thought just a few short years ago that we’d someday be discussing the prospects of Brett Favre playing in Lambeau Field wearing Vikings purple?!

Sorry, I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but the whole thing still seems pretty crazy, and a little silly.

Anyway, I was curious this morning to see what Packers—Vikings tickets were going for. I have to think that their value in Minneapolis and Green Bay had to skyrocket the moment news broke of Favre’s impending return.

Let’s take a look, with ticket values all based on the current listings at StubHub. (And by the way, you can click on the links to go directly to StubHub if you wish.)

Packers-Vikings Tickets at Lambeau Field

in Green Bay, WI on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 1:00

  • Cheapest Ticket: $291.67 (Lower Level, Corner 131, Row 27)
  • Most Expensive Ticket: $5,000 (Suite 6040)
  • Median Ticket: $501 (Lower Level End Zone 105, Roy 7)

By way of comparison, the average price for the cheapest ticket at the Packers other games is around $110-115. How about for the Vikings—Packers tickets at the Metrodome?

Vikings-Packers Tickets at the Metrodome

in Minneapolis, MI on Monday, October 5, 2009 at 8:30

  • Cheapest Ticket: $139 (Upper Corner 224)
  • Most Expensive Ticket: $2,790 (Lower Sideline 109)
  • Median Ticket: $345 (Lower Corner, Upper End Zone, others)

The high price on this one is lower because it looks like there are no suites available. But again, the cheapest ticket is well about the average for the other Vikings home games this year (which is around $200).

So, there you have it, breaking news: tickets for the Packers—Vikings games this year are more expensive than regular tickets in which Brett Favre isn’t playing his former team in Revenge Bowl 1 and 2!

It just dawned on me that there really wasn’t much of a point to this article.

I guess I was expecting eye-popping ticket prices, so I’m a little underwhelmed. As the games approach, especially the one at Lambeau, I’d imagine that we’ll start seeing ticket prices at StubHub, eBay, and other such sites start to rise.

$290 bucks for one ticket is still pretty damn expensive though.

Anyway, a few more resources for you below if you want to do some comparison shopping. Otherwise, time to move onto something more interesting. Have a great morning everyone.

Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings Tickets

Update: Interesting post over at The Big Lead regarding a fan who purchased tickets from StubHub.  You may want to check it out if you’re thinking of purchasing from them.

* – Brett Favre photo credit: Unique News Network


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