Talking QB's: Vick and Favre Return to the NFL

Satchel PageCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 13:  Brett Farve #4 of the Green Bay Packers shakes hands with Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons after their game on November 13, 2005 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The Packers defeated the Falcons 33-25.   (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Is this the week for quarterbacks to be mega-stories in the news, or what?!

In the past six days, the sports world has been dominated by the news of Michael Vick signing with the Eagles and Brett Favre's return to the NFL (yet again) via the Minnesota Vikings.  Both stories are double-edge swords, finely dividing sports fans around the country.  There are those that believe that the subjects in question should not be allowed to play, while others say it's a football decision and only the owners have the luxury to make a decision that they believe benefits the team.

In regards to Vick, I am happy for him.  I'm glad to see the justice system work out in the favor of the law, and not any one entity lobbying for it to balance in its favor.  Vick was convicted two years ago, served his time, and now has been given the opportunity to redeem his life which just so happens to be through football. 

Even though he's an Eagle, I'm still pleased to see that he is given a second chance.  That's what makes America great, isn't it?  His signing simply means D-Ware is gonna get the chance to bury him in the star on Week 17.

Anyone that believes that Vick's crime (and make no mistake, it was a crime) is unforgivable and that he lacks the humanity and moral capacity to make a living in his specific field of employment, demonstrates that they themselves lack the moral capacity to forgive another human being, and should thus, have their arguments discounted on the basis of counter-logic and hypocrisy.

There are perverts, murderers, and thieves amongst us all that graciously have been given second chances to prove their value to society and many have triumphed.  So let the man play because I wanna see Keith Brooking smack his former teammate a couple of times.

As far as Brett Favre goes, I'm a little less sympathetic.  Not that I don't think Brett is capable of playing at an NFL level anymore.  I still think he is a good quarterback and better than 50% of the starting quarterbacks in the league now.  However, I don't like what Favre is doing to the league.  The Favre Effect has reshaped at least one-fifth of the league with his shenanigans. 

If Favre either stays with the Packers or retires for good, Chad Pennington is still a Jet, Eric Mangini is still coaching in NY,  the Dolphins may have a legitimate shot at either Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez, Sage Rosenfels remains a Texan, Tarvaris Jackson will finally get an all-in bid from his coach, Brad Childress, and Favre will have to now compete for his job-and probably, at this stage lose-with Aaron Rodgers.

Favre has officially put himself in a class A Diva status.  And take it from a Cowboy fan who hated to see his diva go.  I know a diva when I see one.  He is not concerned at all about the Vikings, as he wasn't concerned about the Jets.  He used the Jets as an audition for the Vikings that he can still sling the ball.  Putting together a remarkable three quarters of the season, Favre then tanked the rest of the year after beating the Titans, who were undefeated at the time, and thus putting the Jets out of playoff contention. And putting Favre in a position to retire and then unretire with the team he chooses.

And now, he wants a shot to get back at the Packers, whom he feels mistreated him.  He wants to prove to them that they should have brought him back weeks into camp after he retired and thrust him back into the starting position as if their investment in Aaron Rodgers was peanuts.

There is nothing, save Adrian Peterson, attractive about playing for the Vikings.  His 6-10 record in the Metrodome is less than mediocre and pales only to his 0-8 record in Big D (HA!).  It's a personal vendetta against his former team, and I for one, hope Nick Barnett officially retires him for good.

I wonder what's going to happen if the Vikings are not successful at the start of the season.  Will Favre remain dormant through the rest of the season, only waking to play the Packers?  Will Childress be as quick to sit him down as he is with Tarvaris Jackson (who is no Brett Favre but at least deserves an opportunity)?

I'm worried, as a football fan, that Childress is going to try to go deep in situations where he would normally hand the ball off to Peterson. 

It's kind of like how the GPS, as snazzy an instrument it is, can make one relinquish their God-given sense of direction to the machine.  Well, that machine is Brett Favre, and what makes the most sense in Minnesota is to let that beast in the backfield carry the load.  And I don't think Childress is that brilliant and Favre won't allow him to be.

Good thing all we had to worry about was getting Romo away from that succubus Jessica Simpson so he can concentrate on winning games in the last quarter of the season.