Chaz Out For First 3 Games (It Will Be Okay And Heres Why)

george lopezCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

As most of you already know our number one receiver is out with a broken fifth metatarsal.  The time frame is any where from 4-8 Weeks which isn't great news for the raider nation.

There are many reasons why I think you shouldn't panic if your a raiders fan.

* Javon Walker has been very impressive as well according to the media.  According to several sources he has great hands.  The question is can he return into the player he was in green day?  That no one knows but expect Javon to put up good numbers this season.  Javon says he's ready to play so hopefully we can take his word on it.

* The offensive line has been improved from last year with Mario Henderson doing a good job blocking.  If Jamarcus has enough time he will find an open receiver.  The other receivers are very capable of catching the ball.

*Another receiver I expect to capitalize on Schillens injury is Louis Murphy he can run and catch.  Ipersonally think he's a better overall receiver than Heyward-Bey but we won't really know until week 1.

* The defence is top notch this year they need to work on there run Defence but I expect a lot of three and outs.

*Two Words RUNNING BACKS.  With Schillens out the Raiders will need to run more and these three back Justin, Darren, and Michael are all play makers and will make defensive coordinators scratch there heads.

* Our Schedule.  Our first three games will against San Diego, Kansas City, and the Broncos.  These are not exactly the hardest teams on the planet.  San Diego will be a tough game with Antonio Cromartie, and Quentin Jammer but they are beat able.  Expect the Raiders to keep it close and win with a field goal.  The kansas city and Denver Games are very winable with or without Chaz. i expect Chaz to play by week 3.

*Raider fans by week 3 we'll have chaz and barnes back and will be 2-0