Make Up Your Mind Guys: Brett Favre/Vikings Drama

Kwame BrownContributor IAugust 18, 2009

All summer there had been rumors about Brett Favre joining the Vikings, there were questions about whether his shoulder would hold up, he had the drive, and could he physically take the beating at his age. Last year Favre was traded to the New York Jets and came in late to learn the offense. The first few weeks he was very inconsistent, he played well against the Dolphins, struggled against the Pats, and was awful against San Diego. However after the game vs. the Chargers he began to look like his old self and began to turn heads after crushing the undefeated Titans at Tennessee. After that game he spiraled down hill. He had a shoulder issue but played horrific. After the season Favre "retired" saying on interviews that he would never play again.

However, Favre said he wanted to join the Vikings months later, but on his own terms. The Vikings tried to act like they weren't pushovers saying Favre needed to make a decision by late July. Favre decides to stay retired, which insulted many Vikings fans by teasing them. The Vikings state that they are going to move forward with their Quarterback situation. BULL. The Vikings allow Brett Favre to join the team, not a week before camp, not during camp, but after a pre-season game. Favre may have played under the Viking's offensive coordinator but even if he knows the offense he still needs to get his timing with his receivers, get back into the flow of the game, get used to the speed and intensity of NFL football. Even if he knew the offense, had chemistry with the players, and was healthy how is he supposed to gain trust and respect from the other players. A couple of weeks ago he turned down the Viking's offer, finding out now that he just didn't feel like going to camp. What the hell is that? I never thought I'd ever say this about a guy who's started way over 269 straight games, but what a spoiled baby.

What people don't seem to realize is that this isn't the Brett Favre from the mid 90's or even 2007, he's had a sever shoulder injury that greatly hindered his performance the last 4 weeks of the 2008 season costing the Jets a chance at a playoff berth. Hell the guy got outplayed by JaMarcus Russell at Oakland. He's not to same player he was. The Vikings obviously need an upgrade at the Quarterback position but with their defense and running attack they just need a quarterback to not make mistakes and make a few bigs plays when needed. Favre has had more experience than any other QB in the league yet he has never learned from his mistakes. Yes, his gunslinger style has made him a hall of fame Quarterback but for a guy who will be 40 midway through the season he should cut down on his mistakes. I'm not saying he needs to play conservative or keep his Interceptions to 10 but he led the league last year with 22 picks, that's unacceptable.

Even if Favre does well with the Vikings he will only be their a year, maybe 2, and the Vikings will be back to square one at the quarterback position. There is no way this team can win a Super Bowl with him. If they play New England or Pittsburgh they will get embarrassed. So what's the point of signing him? Have fun for a year? This is going to hurt them in the long run unless it ends up getting Childress fired. The Vikings should see if one of their Quarterbacks has what it takes and if they don't get the results they want, look at bringing a guy in next year to be the quarterback for at least the next few years.

This is really poor integrity by both sides. Brad Childress has been lying to his players since these rumors began. How are the players supposed to trust him if he cannot even be honest with them. After his first season many of the players were fed up with him and Adrian Peterson who is an amazing player and great person has had problems with him. The Viking players have considered the whole Favre situation a joke and they should. Last year the Jets were begging for him to leave because he was costing them the season with rookie mistakes.

The Vikings acting like they're in charge when in fact they're a Favre's demands. Brett Favre will be starting this Friday vs. the Chiefs in the Viking's 2nd pre-season game. How are the Viking players supposed to respect him when he didn't even have the decency to join them at camp?

This move has some upside for now but down the road it could be like T.O. in Philadelphia. Favre may play well and fit in well with the Viking's offense, but there are too many negative possibilities. Will the players respect him, does he really care about the Vikings, how dedicated is he, can he be efficient and limit his turnovers, can he learn the offense, get his timing down with the receivers, stay healthy, and be a respected leader. I doubt it.