Another Sideshow Act from Scab Ocho Sucko!

OneManCrimeWaveContributor IAugust 17, 2009

I found these pictures over at CincyJungle and I have to ask the question....does anyone get tired of seeing shit like this? I am going to warn you...I am just about at my limit with Chad 85, so if the language gets out of hand I'm sorry.

Part of my hatred for Chad 85 comes from being a long-time Bengals fan who has endured YEARS of not only losing, but being absolutely EMBARRASSED. As many Bengal fans can attest, we are fans of the most dysfunctional professional sports organization on the planet. However, there was a time, which many of you might not remember, when we used to be a VERY proud organization that wouldn't put up with the shit that we are forced to put up with year after year.

First and foremost, Mike Brown, not only are you an embarrassment to your family name, the fans ALL ACROSS the NFL and the city of Cincinnati, but most importantly you are an embarrassment to YOURSELF. How the hell do you crawl out of bed every morning and convince yourself that you know what is right and wrong when it comes to running a professional football team?? Hey, I have an about we move a defensive end that we are getting ready to cut to tight end just so we can fill a spot of NEED with a guy who will NEVER make more than $400,000. MIKE BROWN.....YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT!! You ran an organization into the ground that your beloved father built from the ground up with his bare hands. You should feel ashamed!!!! As owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, you have a 101/187/1 record. SERIOUSLY....IS THAT NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?????????

Not only are we ultimately f###ed considering we have Mike Brown as an owner, but we are lucky to have a guy that is willing to LEGALLY CHANGE HIS NAME TO "OCHO CINCO" as publicity stunt. Did you hear me? He is so starved for attention that he LEGALLY changed his name to "Ocho Cinco." He changed his name to what literally translates from Spanish to English as "Eight Five." As he mentions on HBO Hard Knocks, I'm sure I'm going to receive a "Child Please" for bringing this up....but guess what Chad....YOU F!*#ED UP YOUR OWN NAME. Seriously, how does a person do this? You can try to play it off all you want, but seriously....It's wrong!!! The problem is, you're such an idiot that you won't change it back because of what people will say. Wake're an embarrassment too! What's unfortunate is he is arguably the second best player on the team!

I'm just venting at the moment, but DAMN (or as Chad 85 would say "DAMN DAMN") does anyone besides Carson Palmer care? I know what you're thinking, "Was it really THAT big of a deal?" I would argue YES! How is the hell do two players actually get nachos and cheese on the field first of all? OF COURSE you knew that if someone would do it it would be Chad LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, 85. Is Marvin Lewis as oblivious to what goes on as it appears? This shows NOTHING MORE than a lack of discipline from the top down. Marvin Lewis has totally lost control of this team.

Marvin completely sold out. He knows that if he wants Chad to produce then he has to let him do his own thing while the others obey the rules. Hell, he's even going as far as defending the guy on Hard Knocks. Why? What do we owe Chad 85? Chad is lucky that he plays for an organization where the coach and owner don't give two shits about what he does. Let me ask you you SERIOUSLY believe that Bill Belichick would tolerate the things that Chad does? Do you think he would find it cute that Chad changed his name to 85? Or he can eat nachos while on the sideline of a pre-season game? Do you think ANY of the shit he pulls would fly in New England? Simple answer....HELL NO!!!! Why is that relevant? BECAUSE HE HAS WON SUPER BOWL's (plural)!!!!!!!!!! He understands how to do things the right way. We, obviously, do not!

I am optimistic for the Bengals as I am every year, but history doesn't lie. With Mike Brown calling the shots, Marvin coaching the team and Chad 85 doing everything he possibly can to destroy this team from the inside out....I'm sure I will find that familiar feeling of disappointment come January.

I will leave you with what a REAL coach sounds like:

(On a side note: I really like Cedric Benson and I hope this isn't a side of things to come from him. I hope that he doesn't continue hanging around Scab. He has spent so much time in an organization that despised him that I'm sure he's just trying to fit it. Unfortunately, players feel like they need to be liked by Chad to survive...which is a FUNDAMENTAL problem!!!)