Spygate's Bottom Line: The Patriots Cheated

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIMay 16, 2008

Bottom Line: The Patriots Cheated.

I am reading all kinds of nonsense about how the Patriots’ accomplishments are not tarnished by the fact that they stole signals and cheated to win. 

I don’t look at the Patriots as a dynasty. 

I think of their run as a travesty. 

They stole Super Bowls from three seemingly superior teams. 

However, who has the rings? In the long run, that is all that matters.

Here is a comment from Vangup on sportsline.com:

Having coached high school and college football for 17 years you come to realize real quick that no matter how much you know about the other team’s offense or defense you have to have the athletes to be successful. If your players are slower and weaker than the other team you will get beat no matter what, no matter how smart you are.

True indeed.

De Anza College isn’t going to compete with Miami no matter how much they know about the Hurricanes’ offense or defense, but we are talking about the NFL.

EVERY team has the athletes in the NFL.

Coaching and strategy come into play big time in the NFL.

Look at the Patriots at the end of 2007 as opposed the beginning. As teams got more tape on the Patriots machine, the machine started to slow down.  

The Patriots’ offense went from scoring 31, to 21, and finally to 14 points in the 2007 playoffs.

Hardly a coincidence.

The Chargers saw the Jaguars not get any pressure on Tom Brady and get torched, while the Giants saw the Chargers defense get after Brady and force him into mistakes. The Giants then took the pass rush to the extreme repeatedly smacking Brady in the mouth.

All this babbling and here is what I am getting at…  The Patriots had superior information and they used that information to win Super Bowls.

Who cares if they taped the St. Louis Rams Super Bowl walk through (they probably did)? They obviously stole the Rams signals in the first game the two teams played that season.

Here is a team that has won three Super Bowls by a total of nine points.  Nine points! I repeat. Nine points!

Look back to that game winning field goal drive against the Rams. The Patriots are in the no huddle offense. The Rams are signaling in their defensive plays. The Patriots have stolen these aforementioned signals by breaking NFL rules. Magically, the Rams don’t even come close to stopping the Patriots from getting into field goal range…  Game.

How can you compare that fallacy to the classic Super Bowl that the Tennessee Titans and St. Louis Rams played? How can you call the Patriots a dynasty and compare them to the likes of the 80’s era 49ers or the 90’s era Cowboys? Can those Patriot teams of this decade really compare with the Denver Broncos of the late 90’s? No.

(Notice how I conveniently left of the steroid using 70’s era Steelers, another bunch of cheaters)

As far as I am concerned, the Patriots are the three-time Techmo Bowl Champs.*

If the Patriots had not tried to embarrass the NY Jets by running up the score, Eric Mangini would not have told on the Patriots in the first place.

Now, does anyone honestly believe that the Patriots would not currently be the defending Super Bowl Champs had Mangenius not ratted Bill Belichick out?   

One last thing… Roger Goodell, AKA Robert Kraft’s lapdog, destroyed all of the Spy Gate “tapes.” It’s not the 90’s my friend. Belichick still has his library of stolen signals on High Definition BlueRay Disc and we all know it.

*In the classic Nintendo game Techmo Bowl, if you were slick enough to see what the other guy picked you could easily win. For example, if my opponent selected the bottom offensive play and I picked the bottom defensive play, that QB was going down!