Ricky Manning Jr, Morlon Greenwood, and Derrick Brooks

george lopezCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2009

On Saturday there was a mystery man #28 in silver and black after a couple minutes it was discovered that the man was former panther and ram Ricky Manning Jr.  Manning was a necessity player after Stanford Route had a horrific game.  

His first four years he played at a very high level, he also helped lead the panthers to the Superbowl.  In 2007 and 2008 his numbers went way down no ints.   Obviously he will be a third string corner back but a very capable third stringer.  Don't be surprised if he turns some heads this season.  If he can play the way he played in 2006 with 42 solo tackles and 5 ints he could very well replace the speed demon Chris Johnson.

After reports from media it seems that Ricky Manning Jr is far from being the player he was in 2006, after being burned by Johnie Lee Higins and Shaun Bayes. 


But having Ricky Manning Jr is a very goood move on the raiders part being nnamdi hasent been 100 percent healthy.

Today the Raiders signed Morlon Greenwood former Texan and Dolphin.  Tom Cable seems to be more interested on what he can do one special teams than at linebacker because Isaiah Ekejiuba was hurt during the preseason game vs Dallas.

Morlon Greenwood is a very impressive tackler putting up great numbers in 2007 he had 90 solo tackles in 08 he had a bad year but look for him to impress, and maybe be the surprise player and start at linebacker who knows? Watch for him in the preseason.

Derrick Brooks is still on the raiders list of prospects we still need a weak side linebacker and look for the former buccaneer to be high on al davis's list.  Dont get your hopes up he'll most likely sign with New Orleans.