Celtics-Cavs: Garnett, Boston Can't Overcome LeBron, Officiating

Sean CroweSenior Writer IMay 16, 2008

That was, by far, the worst, most embarrassing performance by an officiating crew in the history of the NBA.

The only thing that comes even close is when they decided to give Dwayne Wade a few games in the NBA finals a few years ago.

LeBron James had more free throw attempts than the entire Celtic team.  Which would have been okay—if the Celtics weren’t taking the ball to the hoop.  But they WERE.

Paul Pierce couldn’t buy a call.  Taking the ball to the hoop and drawing contact did nothing to help him.

I understand that Glen Davis is a rookie, but he was fouled seven times and didn’t make it to the line once.  He was MUGGED under the hoop.  Yet no call.

Kendrick Perkins was thrown off the spot when attempting a defensive rebound, no call.  Yet he was constantly called on the other end for minimal contact.

I’m not rational right now. 

I was ready to blast the Celtics for losing on the road again, or praise them for finally getting over the road hump.

But what I witnessed was not a basketball game.  It was a WWE event, where they had a scripted outcome designed to build up the next episode, which is Game Seven in Boston on Sunday.

LeBron James is hard enough to beat by himself. He doesn’t need help.

Then he has the nerve to complain CONSTANTLY in the second half?  Are you kidding me?  He’s the most unenjoyable superstar since Reggie Miller.  And unenjoyable isn’t even a word.

The NBA is broken.  Completely and utterly broken.

We should have realized this a few years ago when the Heat won a tainted championship while fielding eight players at a time against the Mavs’ five (it’s easy when all three refs are practically wearing your team’s jersey).

A missed goaltend that would have brought the Celtics to within two points.  A missed travel that should have given the Celtics the ball down three with 14 seconds left. 

I nearly threw my office chair through a window.

This game showed me NOTHING.  I have no opinion on either team, except that LeBron is a God and the Celtics aren’t good enough to overcome a God and his minion referees. 

Twenty-five free throws to thirteen. 

David Stern, are you frigging kidding me? 

LeBron James fifteen free throws, Boston Celtics thirteen.

David Stern, are you frigging kidding me?

I promise, I will never go after an NHL ref, an NFL official, or an MLB umpire again.  It’s amazing how good they are in comparison to NBA officials. 

The only thing missing from this game was LeBron hitting Pierce in the head with a chair, followed by Jim Ross screaming, “MY GOD!  MY GOD! THERE WILL BE A GAME SEVEN!?!?!  SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!  BARNBURNER!  BY GOD!”

I need a drink.

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