Vikings 2009 Hopes Rest With Sage Rosenfels

Kobina TaylorContributor IAugust 14, 2009

Watching Rosenfels performance in his start tonight, in which he completed two drives, was extremely calming and satisfying.  He was steady in the pocket, calm under pressure, and made good, confident decisions while delivering accurate, catchable passes.

The running backs are spectacular.  The receivers are deep and versatile.  The tight end has greatly improved.  The offensive line play remains solid with two significant changes.

The defensive line is dangerous.  The linebackers are fast, instinctive and swarm to the ball.  The starting cornerbacks are physical, determined, and experienced.  The starting safeties are entering their second year in the Vikings scheme and are active and prepared.

The kicker is solid and steady.  The punter is as consistent as one could hope.

Special teams coverage WILL improve.

The only question that was on the mind of every Vikings fan this offseason was the QB uncertainty.  Whether or not we choose to agree with how the Vikings went about gaining an improvement, this much is clear; we can win with Rosenfels.

Vikings fans need to be realistic.  Three years ago, we would have loved to have an All-Pro surefire big-time QB on our football team.  From 1998-2006, the Vikings were a dangerous passing offense.  But then Adrian Peterson happened...and everything changed.  We don't need a Peyton Manning, a Drew Brees, or a Tom Brady.  All we need is a QB that can make the throws needed on any given play that forces the defense to respect him, that forces the defense not to bring 8 or 9 to the box because doing so would be suicide. 

Sage Rosenfels is the guy, and should be the starter.

In his first action today, Rosenfels was very impressive, while Jackson looked sloppy and unprepared.

Sure its the first preseason game, but Jackson has been with this team for his whole career.  Rosenfels just got here.  Why does he look more comfortable?

Great decisions, good passes, no mental errors

One pass to Shiancoe was especially impressive, right down the seam with his defender tight on his tail.  Rosenfels zinged it right into his hands just as the safety was coming in over the top to take him down.

Lets take a step away to recap the first half of the Vikings preseason opener:

Rosenfels impressive with 10/13 and 91 yards

Chester Taylor looked strong with four carries for 31 yards and a catch for 13 yards

Shiancoe looking good with four catches for 55 yards

Two fourth down conversions

Three sacks of Manning by the D-Line

Solid first half by the Vikings and plenty to build on.

Earlier this month, Adrian Peterson mentioned his personal goal is always 2,000 yards.  If the defense has to honor Rosenfels presence and ability for 16 games, there's no reason why that can't be possible someday.  Rosenfels can be the answer if Childress can get over his infatuation with Jackson and do the right thing.

Ball's in your court Coach Childress....good luck