Raiders Preseason Game 1 Whose Stock Rose And Whose Declined

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

After watching the preseason game between The Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys,I decided to write this article on whose improved there chances on the Raiders Roster and who didn't.Rising Stock:

JaMarcus Russell:He went 6/9 50 yards. Russell showed good poise in the pocket by making decisions of getting the ball out quickly to his receivers.He did have a couple to DHB that was not on the mark and needs to improve on that. Overall,not a bad first preseason game.

Darren McFadden:4/63 with one going for 45 yrds.Darren just showed us a glimmer of what's to come with his 45 yard run.He is fast and did a good job in his first pre-season game.

Chaz Schilens:5/52 with his longest going for 16 yards.He showed good hands and in one play,he came back to an under thrown ball,caught it,and got up and ran for the 1st down.

Bruce Gradkowski:9/16 161 yards and 1 TD.Good showing for Bruce and he did a good job getting to ball to his receivers.Not bad for a QB with a suspect arm.

Charlie Fry:7/16 for 80 yards and 1 TD.Charlie had a great pocket presence and stepped up under pressure for completions.

Louis Rankin:6/31  1 TD.Louis looked good and ran hard.It's unfortunate there is 3 ahead of him.He also did make plays on special teams.

Louis Murphy:2/40 and 1 going for 22 yards.Louis's 1st pass should have been caught,but got hit pretty good by a DB.After that he sprung back and made couple of good plays.

Nick Miler:1/48.Nick made an outstanding catch with outstretched arms and a second effort after he bobbled it in his 1st attempt.Great concentration and second effort.He's small,but i could see this kid making the team.

Mario henderson:He did an great job and had no penalties.He shut down the DE during his time in there.

David Nixon:Did good and had a high motor.Had 1 fumble recovery.Also did good on special teams.

Ricky Brown:Came blazing in on a blitz for a sack.Great motor and was tackling all over the field.

Also good play from:Boyd,Norris,Ekejiuba,Myers,Watkins,Franklin,Reece,Holland,and Parker.

Falling Stock:


Jason Horton:Terrible coverage and way too many penalties.I don't see him making the roster at all.

Terdell Sands:No pressure at all.He looked slow and out of position.He has a good chance of getting cut.His time is limited at Oakland.

Cooper Carlisle:2 penalties.1 for a False Start and 1 for Holding.He better improve or he could get replaced.Last year he was almost as bad as Kwame Harris.

Remained Neutral:


Micheal Huff:Nice INT,but had a big penalty in the end-zone that resulted in a score.

Tommy Kelley:Didn"t hear or see much from him.I don't think he had any offsides or not.

Justin Fargas:Having only 1 carry  for 2 yards.Not much of a chance to show what he can do.

The QB's did a good job at spreading the ball around to 15 different receivers which is impressive and them making good on there limited chances at catching them.

The Wr's did well all around with no one receiver making many.DHB did have a few balls thrown his way,but some where either overthrown or under-thrown while being double teamed.

The Defense still needs improvement on the run,but did show good pressures and blitzes.

In conclusion,it was an overall good game with some things to build on and some things to improve on.It's going to be hard for Cable on this roster on who to cut and who to keep with so many making plays.It's only the first pre-season game and I'm sure things could get clearer in the other games,but one thing is for sure.It won't be easy decisions.I hope the injuries to Nnamdi is OK with his heel bruise and Ekejiuba with his shoulder.