Do The Eagles Bleed Midnight Green?

Brian MahoneyContributor IAugust 13, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 5:  Brian Westbrook #36 of the Philadelphia Eagles carries the ball during the game against the Washington Redskins on October 5, 2008 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Ever since the Andy Reid era began in 1999, I was old enough to understand the dynamics of football.

The overall scheme of the game was between a home team and a road team fighting for every yard in a warrior's sport.

In the NFL, the uniform protocol ordinarily has the home team's colored uniform matched against the road team's customary white uniform. Only three teams break this trend: the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins.

I propose that the Philadelphia Eagles be added to this list, to my dismay.

Fans across the nation rooting for the three teams mentioned above, have no problem filling the home stadium with fans watching their team battle it out in white. All three have had their greatest moments in white, especially in countless Super Bowls. They've earned it.

Fans of the latter team, the Eagles, should question the inconsistent usage of home and away uniforms.

Primarily, my qualms come from the recent motto's the Eagles have slabbed on merchandise stating "Green is Being an Eagles Fan," and "Bleed Green."

As far as I recall, the only green I see is in the September foliage and in Jeffrey Lurie's pockets. The foliage fades to orange in November, when the Eagles finally decide to expose their green.

Eagles fans must stand out against the grain of the NFC East for this.

We are not the Cowboys and Redskins, flaunting Super Bowl rings. We are not caught up in their frivolous feud that is the near equivalent of the Yankees and Red Sox. Let those two franchises smear the white filth in their stadiums on national television. The Eagles don't want any part of that.

What the Eagles should strive for is a preseason flooded with midnight green. I'm tired of the August agony watching exhibition football along with white uniforms in Lincoln Financial Field. It does not catalyze my faith in this team. It merely reflects the aristocratic outlook from management.

To make it worse, the Eagles' home openers have been a see-saw of blowout wins (like in 2008 against the Rams) or painful losses (like in 2006 against the Giants). The white has hindered my September hope.

The Eagles need to grow some wings and fly with their pride. Midnight green is beckoning them throughout the summer, so why not wear it every game at home?