Put Up Or Shut Up Time For The Mighty Miami Dolphins!!

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2009

MIAMI - DECEMBER 14:  Wide receiver Davone Bess #15 of the Miami Dolphins breaks through for extra yardage on a kick return while taking on the San Francisco 49ers at Dolphin Stadium on December 14, 2008 in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the 49ers 14-9.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

In anticipation for Miami's preseason game on August 17th against the Jacksonville Jaguars, there is certainly a different feeling in the Miami air. One of hope, promise, and allure. One reminiscent of the great 70's and 80's teams poised to make another playoff run to be a threat to win the big enchilada, the whole chunk of stinky parmisean, the bigger than anything, fantastic, magnanimous super bowl.

We all know how unrelenting time is. How you will read this article today and the next thing you know you are on your way to Miami for your super bowl festivities. With this in mind, with a league so ever changing and unrelenting. It's nice for the Dolphins to be a team who is way higher than their madden rating leads you to believe at 77 overall.

This season with a coach of his word, and a trigger man with the prowess and stature of the "Big Tuna", Bill Parcells, the Dolphins look to be a forgotten AFC east champion who steps back in the ring and upsets most of the odd makers this year.

Tony Sparano has the fans in Miami believing for the first time since the great days of coach Don Shula, that he is going to put us in the best position possible to win every game on the schedule. We must now show the league that last year and our division title was no fluke. That for the first time in years the Phins have churned out a couple of solid draft classes, and made some smarter than usual off season acquisitions like signing safety Girbril Wilson, or arguably resigning long time Dolphin All pro Jason Taylor. Now if we would only sign Michael Vick and be the masters of our own little innovation to offense, the devious, mysterious, Wild Cat! I however already had highlighted this point in a previous article that you can feel free to enjoy.

Pat White has shown many flashes of why he is certainly one of the steals of this draft. Sean Smith is already Playing first team caliber ball, and our youth and quickness match us up well against any team in the league. This includes the two monstrosities in our division, The stinky puke green Jets, and those cheats that call themselves the Patriots.

We shall see if the feeling is a truth brighter than we can all imagine, or a season of growning pains. Either way it's reassuring to know that we arent resting our super bowl hopes on off season acquisitions like a horrid Jay Fiedler, or a Trent Green, or the train wreck in Miami that wore # 8 Daunte Culpepper.

We are beyond all that, and if last year was a litmus test, then the water for the Dolphins is as nice and kinetic as the beautiful beaches of Miami that people travel world wide to come and enjoy. Tealish Green ready to make waves, apeasing the masses as a majestic, art worthy winner, soothing the woes of it's followers.

The Dolphins are ready to ride this tsunami of promise right back home for the big dance, Super Bowl 44, right here at good ole Landshark Stadium. Good luck this weekend, and this season fellas. Do your faithful proud and see you in landshark stadium in Febuary sometime champions.