Madden 10: Not a Great Year For Broncos

Brendon TateCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2009

With this years new edition of Madden 10, many fans of the sport should be excited and thrilled to see their team in action. This can not be said for the Denver Broncos on many occasions.

The Denver Broncos have always been consistent in madden, and they have always had superstar players in madden. This year is a huge disappointment to fans of the Denver Broncos who will play Madden 10.

First of all this years team is rated 70 overall which is a 14 point decrease from last years Madden. They are even rated lower than their rivals in the AFC West, the Oakland Raiders.

This years defensive line ranks 31 out of the 32 NFL teams, this is just abysmal. Personally I believe that the defensive line is horrible but they are not in the bottom two, maybe the bottom 5.

Secondly Denver's linebacker corps are ranked in the bottom half. Now if your a real NFL fan, or even a real Bronco's fan you would know that Denver's linebackers are always producing, they were the ones holding the defense together last year.

The Quarterbacks are just awful this year, Denver's highest rated QB is Kyle Orton at 74, with his throwing power being a pedestrian 75. The backups Chris Simms and Tom Brandstater are rated 66 and 60. Personally i will start Chris Simms or Tom Brandstater over Kyle Orton because his throwing power will lead to too many interceptions.

Another low point in this years Madden, for the Denver Bronco's is the offensive line. Last year Denver's offensive line gave up just 11 sacks on over 600 pass attempts. If you do the math, that is giving up a sack 0.02% of the time. The highest rated player on Denver's offensive line is left tackle Ryan Clady with 88. Ryan Clady should be at least a 90. As for Denver's right tackle Ryan Harris he started all 16 games last year and only gave up 1.5 sacks but he is rated only a 73. This makes me sick to my stomach to see two of the best offensive lineman in the NFL rated so low in madden.

The Kickers for the Denver Broncos in Madden 10 are a joke, to put it in a nice way. Matt Prater ranks in at 58 while the Punter Brett Kern ranks in at 64. I will not have fun trying to make winning field goals in online matches.

A high point for the Broncos would be the running backs, the wide receivers, tight ends, and secondary.

The running backs are rated where they should be, with Peyton Hillis leading the pack with an 84 overall rating and the rookie Knowshon Moreno having an 81 overall rating. Also you have the versatile Correll Buckhalter, with a 78 rating, who can catch and can bust runs up the middle for nice gains. This year should be a blast to run the ball with Hillis and Moreno. Unlike last year where the Broncos did not have any real starter at running back.

The receivers and tight ends are also rated well. Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal rank in the top 10 for receiving tandems in Madden 10 and the Broncos tight ends are lead by Tony Scheffler and Daniel Graham who have been good to me in Madden.

The secondary is very dangerous this year in Madden, Champ Bailey leads the pack with a 96 overall rating which is second to Nnamdi Asomugha, and Brian Dawkins is in the back field with a 92 overall rating. Also Andre Goodman contributes with a 78 overall rating (since madden scaled down the ratings a bit, that would be about an 83 in madden 09). The rookie Alphonso Smith also gets into the mix with a 77 overall rating. In my opinion if you play with the Broncos in madden all the time, like i do, then the secondary will win you games. Whether its Champ Bailey taking one to the house, or its Brian Dawkins hitting you so hard that the ball pops out, this year will be great for the secondary.

In conclusion, the Broncos have the second worst defensive line in Madden 10, and the best player on the line is Kenny Peterson who ranks at a below average 72, many of you, who are not Denver Broncos fans have not even heard of this guy. With Elvis Dumervil moving to OLB, this years D-line in Madden 10 will have major problems getting to the QB. The linebacker corps are highly underrated. For a position that carried the teams defense last year, they should be rated higher in Madden 10. The Quarterbacks are a joke in this years Madden, hopefully they can prove the Madden team wrong, but for now Denver fans will have to deal with Kyle Orton's 74 overall rating and his 75 overall arm. The offensive lineman ratings in Madden 10 infuriates me. Denver's offensive line is easily, with no arguments, rated in the top 5, but madden does not think so for some reason. The high points for this team is pretty much all of the offense besides the Quarterbacks, and a couple offensive lineman. Although the Quarterbacks are not particularly great in madden, players who use the Denver Broncos will need to throw many screen passes to Brandon Marshall and throw short or intermediate passes to Eddie Royal to maximize all the potential. This year marks the return of the dominating secondary for the Denver Broncos lead by Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins. It will be interesting to limit players in Madden 10 due to all the talent in the secondary.

This years Madden 10 should be great and very fun to play. Fans of the Denver Broncos will thrive in Madden 10 with running the ball, throwing short passes to Royal and Marshall, and this year should also be great for limiting the passing game, due to dominating players in the secondary. Players will have lots of trouble stopping the run and making important kicks and punts.