Brock Lesnar: The Most Hated Man In MMA, But Why?

The Truth TurcottCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2009

There seems to be a lot of anger and dissension among MMA fans around the globe. They're screaming mad and I'm still trying to figure it all out. His name is Brock Lesnar the U.F.C. Heavyweight Champion.

In just less than 3 years this man has taken the MMA world by storm, and in five short fights has managed to put quite possibly the most prestigious belt around his weight, much to the disdain of the fans.

Now I'm not sure why they're so angry with this man. Maybe it's because he started his MMA career vowing to one day become the champion.

A gifted athlete since high school, wrestling was his game and he was good at. In fact he rarely lost...I won't bore you with all the details of his success, and to be honest I don't have them all, so for the common Brock Lesnar hater, you're welcome.

As everyone knows Brock made his way up the ranks of the WWE and held their championship belt/belts on several occasions matching up well with the likes of former Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, like it or not, as fake as wrestling is, it still takes great athletes to put on the show.

In case MMA fans forget the "Worlds Most Dangerous Man" left the U.F.C. and MMA to toil briefly in the WWE, so let's not look at the WWE and it's brand of wrestling as a bad guy, they shone some light on MMA when no one was looking.

An avid WWE fan is as involved or more involved than an avid MMA fan is about where, when, how, and why this new guy is doing what he's doing? When Jerry Lawler and his partner spoke about Ken Shamrock they mentioned he came from "The Ultimate Fighting World"—You can bet plenty of WWE fans said "huh", and immediately ran out to find some answers as to who this Ken Shamrock guy was.

I've always watched a bit of wrestling...the I like to call son, now twenty was a huge wrestling fan and would often say that Hulk Hogan could take this guy out or that guy out, and then it was the Ultimate Warrior, but about 6 or 7 years ago he said he thought Brock Lesnar would crush Gracie or Shamrock...I didn't realize he was a prophet at the time.

After watching him go a few times I started thinking the same thing, if this guy could learn some submissions and the science behind them and some decent kickboxing skills Brock would be a force to be reckoned with. When I heard the rumours that Brock was working out to become and MMA athlete, honestly I was thrilled.

And now six years later Brock is sitting on top of the world with the gold strapped around his waist and millions of people hating him, but this time it's for no reason.

I can relate, when Matt Hughes destroyed Royce Gracie in under five minutes I was outraged, I found every excuse in the book why Gracie lost...he couldn't wear hi gi, the gloves, the rounds, the referee. And there I sat as a common wrestler with a few years of MMA training destroyed one of my Heroes in the cage in under five minutes.

My last stance to win back any glory for my warrior was that the ref stopped the fight, Gracie would never tap and if this was the old days blah blah blah—Hughes beat the crap out of Gracie and that's the bottom line.

Now Cage Ragers is it that much different...Matt Hughes is a strong wrestler and Gracie is a BJJ wait...hear me out...Brock Lesnar is a strong wrestler and Frank Mir is a BJJ expert.

I think the biggest reason every one hates Brock Lesnar is they don't see anyone on their radar that can beat him.

I honestly believe a great majority of MMA fans wanted Fedor to join the UFC, they were hoping "The Last Emperor" would take the challenge and with all their fan support (kind of like Hulk Hogan) the training, the prayers and the vitamins, their hero could knock Brock off of the throne.

But instead he ran away from the biggest challenge out there and sought to fight elsewhere making Fedor look like a coward to UFC and Brock Lesnar fans, and at the same time leaving Fedor fans wondering and making excuses in denial that he could beat Brock.

I'm glad Fedor didn't sign because it adds to the Brock mystique and spurns on the anger and hatred, and until they fight sports fans, we'll just never know who wins this big match up...I'm sure the fans from both sides already know who the winner their heads anyway...oh you know it's true...That's all folks...