Thank You, Jay Cutler: Why His Words Will Help the Broncos

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2009

Yesterday, the football atmosphere was down to a new low in Denver. People weren't as into the Broncos as they once were. Some fans wanted to ditch their season tickets, and some just stopped believing in the Broncos.

Today, the one man who caused all of the above just helped out the mile high city. He sparked a flame that might actually help the Broncos in the up and coming season.

Jay Cutler was interviewed and was asked about the fans in Chicago. He said they were great, and then he made a very interesting comment that sent Bronco fans in a tail spin.

Cutler said, "Bronco fans are like a six and Bear fans are like a nine. The fans in Chicago are a lot more passionate."

After being played through every Denver sports talk show frequently throughout the day, Broncos fans everywhere were enraged. 

I've never heard so many responses to a Broncos issue. Never have I heard so many Broncos fans call in and stand up for the team. They expressed so much anger toward one certain individual.

Cutler is becoming one of the most famous female stars in the media this year. Yes, I said female because Cutler's actions have been downright teenage girl-ish. 

Cutler strives for attention more than Britney Spears. He wants his name and opinion to be heard more than Paris Hilton. His maturity level and his obsession of wanting people to love him is that of the Jonas Brothers.

Basically, if you put Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and the Jonas Brothers in a pot, Jay Cutler would come out of it.

After thinking about this comment that has left Bronco fans so upset, I decided that his comment may have actually helped the Broncos. The fans now want to win and want to prove Jay Cutler wrong.

The fans in Denver are starting to show fire again.  They are actually starting to care for the Broncos. 

There is now excitement for the August 30th game in Denver against Chicago because so many people want to see Cutler get lit up by Brian Dawkins or DJ Williams.

As surprised as I was with this comment, I actually think this will do Denver good. It's nice to see the excitement about football back in Denver. It's nice to forget about the doubt in the defense, offense and Josh McDaniels for a day. All Broncos fans are concerned about now is August 30th. 

Better show up with your "A" game, Jay. I hope one of your tackles doesn't "slip" and Brian Dawkins gets to you. It could be a long day in Denver for you.