New Jersey Nets: Top Five Games To Watch

Stephen DyellCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2009

With an uncertain future ahead, every game for the Nets looks like a struggle. While sitting and watching all 82 games may be painful to the eyes, here a few games that every Nets fan should tune in for.



October 30 - Orlando Magic at New Jersey Nets


The home opener brings former Nets Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson to the Izod Center. The Magic look to make their way back to the Finals with the veteran Carter, as he finally is back in the spotlight with Orlando.


While all the hype is on Carter, Anderson will look to continue what he started in New Jersey as the Magic are a perfect fit to his long range, long body, type play. This game could be the beginning of the biggest mistake for one team, but which is it going to be?



December 2 - Dallas Mavericks at New Jersey Nets


Jason Kidd is back…again.


While he has already made his New Jersey debut, it is always fun to see someone who has done so much for the franchise back in New Jersey.


On his final voyage, Kidd is now joined with the high-flying Shawn Marion, which will make for an exciting duo. Though former almost All-Star Antoine Wright was traded to the Toronto Raptors, this game will be an exciting preview of what is to be, if the Mavericks' playoff hopes and the Nets' other first round draft pick come to fruition.



January 20 - New Jersey Nets at Phoenix Suns


The Phoenix Suns traded center Shaquille O'Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason, leaving a nice opening in the center position for the less talented Lopez brother. Though it is not known if he will be starting, let alone be dressed for the game, it could make for an interesting matchup.


While fans aren’t lucky enough to watch the battles between Jason Kidd and Steve Nash anymore, a new pair of former Louisville teammates in Earl Clark and Terrence Williams will take the court against each other for the first time.



March 3 - Cleveland Cavaliers at New Jersey Nets


LeBron James makes two trips to the Izod Center this year with this being his last, and the Nets are hoping he chooses to play 41 games next year and keep his almost undefeated record at home intact.


While the only chance that may happen is if Cleveland decides to sell the team and Bruce Ratner makes a swap, it doesn’t hurt to hope for something better, especially if we end up winning between 20 and 25 games.


The game will also be a good one, as Shaq takes on rising center Brook Lopez and Bobby Simmons.  We'll hope he doesn’t pull a Jalen Rose and let someone score 82 points on him...though that is likely.  Many people would bet LeBron would hit 80 before Simmons hits 20.



March 29 - San Antonio Spurs at New Jersey Nets


Richard Jefferson is back…again too!


One of Jefferson’s most famous dunks came against Kevin Willis of the Spurs in the Finals. Now, the Spurs hope for more dunks in the Finals as they add Jefferson along with Theo Ratliff, Antonio McDyess and DeJuan Blair.


This game can pretty much be listed as a loss, as the Spurs have had the Nets' number for the past couple of years.  That includes our last shot at greatness, back when it was fun to watch Kidd, Martin, Jefferson and of course, Brian Scalabrine.