Darren McFadden: Savior Or Bust?

Darkside KesslerCorrespondent IMay 14, 2008

I was not a huge fan of this pick for Oakland. We had players on the board that would have been of more help to our team; however, here we are, and now we need to know if D Mac is going to help us become contenders once again.

One of the big questions is his ball control. In the last three years, D Mac has fumbled quite a bit. But as we all know, he played special teams, he filled in at QB, and got some reps as a WR. Returning is no easy task, especially when you are the main guy at your position. So his comfort level as a returner was not very high. 

Filling in at QB is probably more nerve racking then special teams. QBs mishandle the center snap all the time, and that is when they are doing it all the time. It's no wonder he fumbled. Over half of his fumbles came while playing ST and QB.

Look at it from another point of view. He was involved in 785 running plays, 46 receiving plays, 38 returns, and 22 passing plays for a total of 891 plays, dropping the ball 23 times, and only losing nine. That isn't great, but it isn't as bad, as most people are saying, and the coaching staff is hard at work trying to give our new boy sticky hands.

Next is leg strength. This boy has an amazing muscle structure from the waist up, but his leg seem kinda small. He has agility and speed, but I think he lacks the ability to bulldoze through opposing DL and LBs. Again, this is something the coaching staff knows and will be working on during the offseason.

Another thing going against D Mac is the fact that we have a back in Fargas that has proven to be a great asset to our team. He may be a little on the fragile side, but does that really matter when standing right next to him on the sidelines is D Mac and Michael Bush.

Which brings me to my next point. We have Michael Bush, and at 6'2" 245lbs, this guy is power and speed. If D Mac is a Ferrari, Bush is a Porsche with armor plating.  The trio will more than likely be placed in a three-back committee rotation, at least at the beginning. And think about the two-back sets we can run. Wow!

Finally, and in my opinion the most important thing, does he threaten the players on the other side of the ball? In a word, YES. He is an unknown that is expected to do well. The Raiders like making a splash in the draft, and now they have done it two years straight.

Not only is D Mac going to become a powerhouse RB for the Nation (this year I believe), but he is going to help J Russ become a feared QB. They can't only key on the one, they have to watch them both. I feel the Raiders are a better team now than they were on Apr. 25.

D Mac has brought more than talent to the Nation, he has brought hope, desire, and confidence, three things that have been missing for the last five years. This is our time.

Many people, myself included, question the decision making of Al Davis. The decision to pick up D Mac was thought to be the wrong decision by many, myself included. But after taking an objective look at our situation, Al was right with this one. No matter what D Mac does, he can only make us better. I feel an excitement surrounding the Nation that I haven't felt in a long time. This is the beginning of our rise back to greatness.