J.R. Smith: The Next Kobe Bryant

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2009

A week fresh off his 24 day jail sentence for a tragic car accident that claimed his best friends life, Jr Smith is starting over. 

JR had one of his best years in the NBA last year coming off the bench for the Denver Nuggets while providing instant offense for the Nuggets if the starters were slow and provided an unstoppable three point threat from as far as 6 feet behind the line.

Later on in the year JR established a pretty mid range jumper about a foot inside of the three line to go with his three ball and amazing athletic ability to get to the rim and jump over just about anybody.

While JR's body and athleticism is as good as anybody in the league, its JR's maturity and mentality that holds him down to just a decent player in the NBA. 

Smith has the athletic build, the sweet touch and the range to be as dominating as Kobe Bryant and even more dominating than the best player on his current team Carmelo Anthony.

Now with Colorado legend Chauncey Billups playing side by side with Smith this year JR finally has someone to look up to and learn how to be a true man and professional in the NBA life style. 

Chauncey Billups is nothing short from a role model, gentleman and smart individual and JR Smith is the luckiest player in the NBA to get to learn from Billups.

I guarantee in about two years JR Smith will be the next big name in basketball.  Smith will be on ten minutes of ESPN every night with highlights of him dunking and swishing threes after scoring 28 points a night to go along with the better defense Smith is improving on every year. 

There will be no more excessive celebrations and no more off the court antics that land JR in serious trouble because Billups won't let him.

JR Smith will be the next Kobe Bryant and there is nothing that can really stop him.  With his legal issues behind him and one of the best mentors in the game next to Smith I expect nothing less than Smith to be one of the best players in the NBA in the near future.

Now we just get to relax and watch him do it.