Denver Broncos: My Orton Weighs a Ton, Sleepers of the NFL

Jon HallContributor IAugust 2, 2009

Now, let me first say that I am no Denver fan.  This is in no way a homer opinion.  I am a Titans fan.  The Broncos embarrassed us on Monday night not long ago, and it made me want to throw heavy objects at Vince Young well before that became the cool thing to do.

But, I like the Denver Broncos to win 10 games and their division this year.

I know, I know, with Cutlergate going on, and Scheffler/Marshall wanting out, can someone actually think something good can happen for Denver this year?

I haven't heard anyone, yet.  People seem to act like Denver can't win without Cutler... like they ever won with him?  (Queue Jim Mora "Playoffs?" rant)

Look.. the offense McDaniels called in New England was one of the best we've ever seen. I feel we will see a continuation of that in Denver.

Kyle Orton may not have the greatest arm but he can still make good throws (sans a deep ball). Knowshon Moreno has shown signs of being a fierce runner in college, and will have probably the most underrated O-line in the game in front of him.  Seriously, those guys played well last year even though Denver had a fiesta of RB injuries.

Defense is more of a crapshoot. I think they will be adequate enough in run stoppage this year in the new scheme, and Ayers has been called the best player in the draft by some.

I like their pass rush with Ayers (if he comes even halfway close to his hype) and Dumerville on the edges.  Their run stopping has to improve, because over the last two years it couldn't have been any worse.  2007 especially.  The additions of Dawkins and Hill at safety are a huge upgrade to a previously lacking defensive backfield.

But honestly, folks,

What happens when I think of multi WR and TE sets consisting of Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Stokley, Brandon Lloyd, Tony Scheffler, and Knowshon in the backfield?

Well...I get a boner. That's what happens. An actual boner.  A true to life erection.

Marshall, even with all the McDonalds bag slipping hassle that comes with him, is one of the top guys in the league. Randy Moss, he is not. But close enough.

Royal was such a promising rookie with 91 catches in his first season. My oh my. Quick, agile, soft hands. Wes Welker who?  The man basically ran DeAngelo Hall out of Oakland on his own with a ROYAL (har har) ass slapping.

Gaffney reprising his NE role? Stroke Me Stokley in the slot again? Yes, please. I'll take some of that. Hold the Chad Jackson.

Tony Scheffler pisses on Banjamin Watsons grave. Miles better. 

Brandon Lloyd became a go to guy last season with who else but ORTON. Not Randy, but KYLE. Circus catches and everything! Got injured, though.

Still.. if he can rekindle some of that chemistry, even if it's just a couple 3rd down conversions a game, I may need to stock up on backup pairs of underwear.

And to top it off, FB Peyton Hillis has hands softer than a baby's weewee.  He caught the ball amazingly well for a FB. Hell, ran the ball even better. Jacob Hester, kiss my grits.  Peyton's hands are so soft, I'd gladly accept a rub-down from him any day.

Draft Orton, fellas.  The lady fantasy ballers will pass because he doesn't have the Tom Brady butt-chin or the big dreamy Romo eyes, but I'm telling you, 25 TDs is being modest here.

And at the end of the season, if anyone ever asks you who predicted this surprise Broncos season, you give them my name.  Especially if it's a hot chick.