Three Reasons WEC Is a Great Way To Introduce People To MMA

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2009

The WEC is a great way to introduce people to MMA for three reasons: Frank Mir, free, and action.

First, Frank Mir is a phenomenal mixed martial artist.  His speciality is the ground game mainly jui-jitsu.  He fights as a heavyweight in the UFC.  On the side he is a commentator for the WEC.  His knowledge of the fight game helps make him one of the best commentators out there.  Also with his expertise on the ground he has the ability to explain what is going on in a fight when it hits the mat.  This is great for people new to MMA since most understand the stand-up aspect of the sport the best but have trouble understanding the grappling and think it is two guys rolling around or laying on each other.

Second, the WEC airs on Versus which depending on the cable provider is generally basic cable.  So if you have cable you can watch the WEC for free.  Which is nice if you don't feel like shelling out 45 dollars for a UFC pay per view and want to watch the fights from the comfort of your own home instead of finding a bar or restaurant showing the fights.  The only problem is some cable companies do not carry Versus.  To check to see if you get Versus you can follow this link.

Finally, the WEC has chosen to focus on the lighter weight classes.  They have lightweights(155 lbs), featherweights(145 lbs), bantamweights(135 lbs), and are in the process of adding flyweights(125 lbs).  Fighters in these weight classes generally have better cardio and this leads to increased action because instead of fighters gassing out they go all out at a high tempo for fifteen minutes, while heavyweights can be fun to watch it is no fun when by the second round both are gassed and cannot do anything except throw haymakers that completely miss.

So if you are a fan trying to introduce your friends to the sport you love or someone interested in MMA the WEC gives you the knowledgeable commentators to explain the sport, the affordability of basic cable, and high tempo action of the lighter weight classes to make your viewing an enjoyable experience.