It Is Totally Obvious: Kurt Angle Will Be Gone From TNA In September!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJuly 31, 2009

Kurt Angle is a 13 time World Champion and an Olympic Gold Medalist. He is one of the best wrestlers we have seen, and one of the best currently. Needless to say, to keep him on your roster, you need to keep him happy. This is something TNA has not been able to do over the past year, and it may just cost them.

Over the past year TNA has given him the best storylines on top of the many titles he has won. They have tried to satisfy him, yet no success. He is unhappy there, which is making you question if he will be on the TNA roster this time next year.

As I have mentioned several times in the past both here and on other websites I have written for, Kurt Angle could be leaving TNA when his contract expires in September. He has not signed a deal with TNA yet, and usually wrestlers sign extensions a year before the contract expires if they are willing to stay.

Angle has been the face of TNA for the past few years, and being the number one guy is something he likes of course. Before he left the WWE, he was their number one guy, but the schedule was too rough on him.

When Angle asked if he could have a lighter schedule, Vince McMahon told him he couldn't give him one. Because Angle was the top guy, he had the hardest schedule in the entire company.

He had to do at least three house shows a week while also appear on RAW and at this point he was on the new WWE Brand in ECW a lot. So needless to say, he was wrestling back and forth with one of the hardest schedules in recent memory.

Angle needed a break, but more so he wanted a lighter schedule. Since the WWE would not give him one, he told McMahon that he wanted to quit.

This was significant, because Angle just signed a big extension with the WWE months before that had him a part of the WWE roster for a few more years. McMahon gave him his release anyway, and Angle even said it was probably one of the nicest things he has ever seen a person do.

He went to TNA a few months later and has been there ever since. When he arrived, he loved it, but over the past year he has been very unhappy with them. We all figured it was for storyline reasons, which was part of it, but there was something much deeper.

He divorced his wife last year and that really took a toll on him considering she was a part of the TNA roster at the time. She left TNA just about the same time the divorce was finalized.

He said she heard he had cheated on her and she was unfaithful as well and had an affair with a member of the TNA roster to get back at him.

Angle has not told anyone who the member of the TNA roster was that his ex-wife had an affiar with, but we may have an indication.

A little while back a massive story came out that Jeff Jarrett and Karen were living together, which makes us believe that Jarrett was the man she had an affair with.

That is all a rumor as of now, even them living together is only rumored. But it seems that it set Angle off and he mentioned that he would not stay in TNA if Jarrett was still in power.

It all seemed storylined to me, something that could have Angle exit TNA over. As we have seen, TNA does know how to write off wrestlers who are leaving. They did with Christian, who is now a part of the WWE.

This may be one big ploy to have him exit the company, but that is uncertain.

However, what is certain is that people internally with TNA feel Angle is very very unhappy and he wants to leave the company.

TNA wants to keep him around, which is why he is the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion (on a side note, they still have not changed his video package. It still says he is a 12 time World Champion, when he is a 13 time World Champion now)

He claimed at a house show they he wanted to sign a new deal with TNA, and didn't want to go anywhere else. He also said he never wanted to work for Vince McMahon again!

We do need to realize everything TNA does seems to be directly centered around beating the WWE. This is why Ric Flair doesn't want to go there, he feels that is all they are focused on, and not the actual storylines and wrestling.

Having Angle say that in interviews and storylines is just for TV and to make TNA look better. They are most likely not his actual thoughts, because he has claimed in the past that he and McMahon are ok with each other.

While McMahon has shot down reports that Angle and the WWE are talking, there are reports that say other wise. They actually offered him a deal months ago, before he did the interviews saying he would never want to work for McMahon again.

They offered him a lighter schedule, more money, and a chance to do WWE Films projects according to those reports. While they deny it now, we should keep that in mind.

From what sources are saying, who are close to Angle, he is "Feeling as if TNA is not the right place for him" and " He feels he may be better of leaving". While he may not mean that he will go to the WWE, that could make more sense.

He wants to act, and while he is not sure if he wants to do MMA, he claims that he would like to try it out while his body is able to do it. So, he could just leave TNA and not go to the WWE.

Now we do need to keep in mind that Angle can do WWE Films projects, and still be a big part of the WWE roster he is on. He would have a lighter schedule similar to that of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker too, so he could to that.

We do need to keep in mind that despite all the reports that have come out recently, Angle has not signed a new deal with TNA. While we believe he won't sign now because of those reports, he has been offered a new contract for well over a year and has yet to sign anything.

So all of the recent reports probably meant nothing, he may have wanted to leave once his contract with TNA expired all along.

I feel personally that he will be gone once his contract is up. Will he go to the WWE? That is up in the air for now, but one would assume he would considering they have reportedly offered him a very nice deal with everything he could ever want in it.