Boundary Lines: The PG Era Destroying Certain WWE Characters

D-KwikContributor IJuly 31, 2009

WWE is known for incredible superstars and their characters. Who could forget Undertaker crucifying Steve Austin, or Kane setting Jim Ross on fire?

Those were the good ol' days of wrestling when everything was just dandy. Now we are presently in the PG era as everyone knows, and certain WWE characters are quite stale because of this.


1.Triple H

We all know what The Game can do. He is ruthless and completely dominant, but nowadays, he's just plain boring.

Triple H used to be so controversial, doing whatever he damn well pleased. Not saying he doesn't now, but there are many limits on his character.

One key signature of Triple H is the sledgehammer. We've seen him take down everyone from the Big Show to Randy Orton, everyone has felt the wrath of the 20-pound weapon.

Because of the PG nonsense, we don't see him use it as often as he used to. And when he does use it, does he completely devastate them, bust them open and leave them helpless in the ring?

No, it's one little gut shot and then he drops it. This is just ridiculous.

Another thing is his and HBK's antics while in DX, you may say "Hey DK, DX isn't together, Shawn isn't even wrestling"—Touche, I should say, but I won't.

You see, Shawn has been out a while since Wrestlemania and is being advertised on Summerslam posters and the nine yards, meaning he will be at SS but will most likely be back soon.

As soon as next week on Raw, WWE set it up pretty nicely with a handicap match between Triple H and Legacy, Triple H will win and get beaten down and Michaels comes to the rescue!

We've seen it done before, but it sure is exciting. This leads to a DX reunion and then what? What funny shenanigans are we going to see?

Not only is the PG wearing them down, but so is Shawn, since he is a born-again Christian now.

So therefore, Triple H character needs to be revamped just a bit. What we need is more cowbell, or sledgehammer, depending on who you talk to.

2. Kane

The Big Red Machine, you can't even call him that because all he does is back down from the 7 foot playboy, the Great Khali. You know...the guy who dances and kisses ugly women in the crowd.

Kane's character has been completely demolished, he's not demonic anymore, we finally see his human side, you might as well put the Doink suit on Glenn Jacobs.

He used to be so sick and twisted, setting people on fire and chokeslamming them off of the stage. Do we see this anymore? No, all we see is a 7 foot cry-baby in Kane's tights.

The man deserves one more push if you ask me, he's completely devoted to the company and has been there for quite a while.

If I see him run from Khali one more time, I'm going to shove a soup ladle down my throat and scoop up my insides. Because watching this is much more painful.


3. Randy Orton

Now Orton's character as of late is a weak champion who uses his goons to do his dirty work and slithers away.

We've seen it done and it is degrating to Orton as a champion, they make it seem like he doesn't deserve the belt and the only way he can win is by using Legacy. To this I say BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

When Orton came back from his injury, he was kicking people in their heads and challenging everyone.

"The Viper" is nothing more now than a "Kitten". I hate to say this because I am a fan of Orton and would like to see him as an aggressive self-reliant heel.

PG is breaking him down when we know he can be so much more. We want more people unconscious in the ring after a kick to the head, we want more sneak attacks and more backstage assaults!

Damn you, Vince! You ruined the business. All because some parents were pissed off and decided to bust your chops.

Do these parents know there's a thing called bedtime or hell, parental controls, nowadays?! The show appeals more to an adult audience, I mean come on!

I can watch Family Guy and hear more curses and adult conversations but yet children are watching this show as well, are parents complaining? No! Of course not.

Wrestling is like a Male Soap Opera, that's all it is, it's a show that consists of Women, Storylines and Violence! How can you have a PG rating when your whole show consists of nothing but violence?

It's really sad when WWE is in the same rating category as Degrassi. Well this is my rant for the day, comment good or bad because I know some people are going to rip on me, so come on bring it on.